10-Twenty-10 at Claire Oliver in New York

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Photos by G.  Various Artists.


10 Twenty 10 at Claire Oliver in New York. Now showing through June 16, 2012

New York!  Be sure to get your art on this weekend and stop by Claire Oliver in Chelsea to celebrate the historic 10 year anniversary of the gallery in New York and their 20th year in business!  Wow!  What an accomplishment! They’ve pulled out the big guns for this exhibit and are showcasing the work of 10 artists who represent the artistic vision of the gallery.  The impressive list of artists in the exhibition is Norbert Brunner, Beth Cavener Stichter, Andy Denzler, Andrew Erdos, Herb Jackson, Stephanie Lempert, Jesse McCloskey, Jennifer Poon, Bernardi Roig and Judith Schaechter.

Stephanie Lempert

On a personal note, I’ve had so many great experiences at Claire Oliver and I’ve been exposed to a lot of life changing art and I’ve met so many great artists inside their gallery.  In addition, it’s always a delight to speak with gallery owners Claire and Ian and discuss art and our ‘past lives’ in California.  For these memories you cannot put a price on, I am truly thankful and I wish them even more success in the next chapter of their gallery.  The photos you see are merely a tiny sample of the exhibit, so don’t delay and head over to the gallery to toast their first 10 years in New York and see some really great art while you are at it!

Andy Denzler

Jesse McCloskey

Bernardi Roig (extreme closeup)

Thanks again for so many great times and congratulations!  Claire Oliver is located at 513 West 26th Street in New York. “10-Twenty-10” runs through June 16, 2012.


Firestorm in the Teahouse by Herb Jackson

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Photos by G. Art by Herb Jackson.

Firestorm in the Teahouse by Herb Jackson. Now showing at Claire Oliver in NYC through March 26, 2011.

American abstract expressionist artist Herb Jackson has had (and is still enjoying) an amazing career.  Spanning over 50 years, he’s had over 150 one-person exhibitions including the first exhibition of American art in the former Soviet Union.  His work is displayed in over 125 museums across the world.  The Claire Oliver Gallery in New York is now featuring a collection of his latest work, “Firestorm in the Teahouse.”  Herb Jackson’s paintings are built by the addition of thin layers of pigment, which are scraped off as they are being applied.  His finished canvases are often between 100 and 200 layers in depth.  You cannot possibly see the amazing detail of his works in these pictures, so I urge you to see them for yourself at the Claire Oliver Gallery.

In addition to seeing these amazing works of art, a new monograph of Herb Jackson’s career is available at the Claire Oliver Gallery.  “Firestorm in the Teahouse” is showing until March 26, 2011 at the Claire Oliver Gallery which is located at 513 West 26th Street in New York.  Don’t miss it!

I attended the opening night gala reception and I was fortunate enough to meet Herb Jackson. I had the opportunity to express my love for his work and he was very nice.  See a picture of myself with Herb Jackson after the jump.

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