An Encounter with Matt Damon

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Photo taken with my hand.

Matt Damon and G

Listen up C list actors and actresses that think your sh-t doesn’t stink.  Please take a lesson from A-lister Matt Damon who is extremely nice to fans!  Considering how famous the man is and thinking about how often people must bombard him for autographs and pictures, I cannot get over how cool Matt Damon was when I met him.  I was at a press conference for his latest film “Hereafter,” and moments before being drilled by the press, I met the actor.  Not only was he extremely nice, when I thanked him for the photo op, he thanked me in return!  What a class act!  Thanks again Matt!!

An Encounter with Bryce Dallas Howard

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Photo taken with my hand.

Bryce Dallas Howard and G

Prior to sitting in the hot seat, taking questions from the press about “Hereafter,” which co-stars Bryce Dallas Howard, I met the actress. She was extremely nice during our brief encounter. I told her how excited I was to see “Hereafter,” which I’ve since seen. The film is very well acted but lacks a direction, according2g. Regardless, Bryce is fantastic in the film and I thank her for being so cool! “Hereafter” is in theaters on October 22, 2010.

Matt Damon, Clint Eastwood Discuss “Hereafter”

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Matt Damon and Clint Eastwood

10/10/10 is another day for the books.  It began with me and Aphrodite in NYC attending a press conference for Clint Eastwood’s latest film “Hereafter.”  Stars Matt Damon, Cecile DeFrance, Bryce Dallas Howard, writer Peter Morgan and the director, Clint Eastwood, were all in attendance to talk about the film.  Eastwood said it was the easiest film he’s ever made due to the wonderful cast and crew, but it was also one of the most ambitious projects he’s undertaken due to the extensive usage of CGI in the film.  Eastwood also talked about the joys of working with child actors as they are not yet “tainted” by the beast that is the acting business. The film looks to be pretty epic and I am looking forward to seeing it later tonight.  We were not allowed to take any video, but I was able to get a few good shots.  I met Matt Damon and Bryce Dallas Howard at the conference and pictures of my encounters with these two wonderful actors are coming soon. Stay tuned.  “Hereafter” is officially released in theaters on October 22, 2010.

Update:  I saw the film and while it’s very well acted and well made, I didn’t find it to have much of a point or a satisfying ending.  The public will get to decide in a few days….

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