G is On The Warpath

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Photo by G.  Art by the HFA.

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I love the Happy Famous Artists so much, it hurts!  On their recent trip to NYC, the HFA made the city of New York a little more beautiful, one sign at a time.  Little did I know that after spending some quality time with them, I would be On The Warpath (literally).  If you have no idea what I am talking about, don’t worry – the best propaganda comes to those who wait.


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Photo by G.  Art by BNE.


If you live in New York or Los Angeles, surely you’ve seen the BNE stickers on your journeys.  Little is known about the mysterious artist, other than he/she has been all over the world posting his 3-letter signature.  Often, you’ll see a “BNE was here” sticker or just “BNE.”  Since nobody knows what the 3 letters signify, street artists are coming up with their own definitions, such as the image above that says “Big Nut Eater.”  If you have more information about BNE, let us know!  In the below image, the “BNE Was Here” sticker was tagged with much prettier art work that is so engaging, you could almost get arrested.

HFA was here?

Alec Monopoly

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Photos by G.  Art by Alec.

Monopoly Man by Alec.

For well over a year now, I’ve been running into these really groovy Monopoly Men on the streets of New York and Los Angeles.  Each piece is just signed “Alec” and it’s taken me a little while to match a last name with these great works of art.  On a recent trip to the Tripoli Gallery, curator Tripoli Patterson helped me identify the mysterious artist – Alec Monopoly.  Inquire within at the Tripoli Gallery to own your very own work of art from Alec  and enjoy two more images of Alec’s work after the jump.

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Street Art of the Day

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Photo by G.  Art by Dint Wooer Krsna.

A friendly chap by Dint Wooer Krsna

I found this little guy on the streets of Manhattan on a recent adventure and I think it’s adorable.  The artist is Dint Wooer Krsna and not much is known, but I did find a website that has more pictures of Dint Wooer Krsna’s work that can be seen by clicking here.

And after the jump, see another image that Dint Wooer Krsna has left on our mean streets.

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Sticker of the Day

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Photo by G.  Art by HFA.

HFA - Bad Art for Bad People

The HFA are continuing their tour of the USA and while they are no longer in New York, they left their mark in the city and I am loving the fact that I keep running across their handiwork.

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