John Baldessari Billboard at the High Line

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Photo by G.  Billboard by John Baldessari.

The First $100,000 I Ever Made by John Baldessari

Head over to the High Line in Manhattan (10th Avenue and 18th Street specifically) to see the enormously cool billboard “The First $100,000 I Ever Made” by John Baldessari.

Renegade Cabaret

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The Renegade Cabaret on 20th and 10th.

The Renegade Cabaret on 20th and 10th.

They’ve been written up in the New York Times and The Washington Post, and why?  Because they are cool!  The Renegade Cabaret featuring Elizabeth Soychak singing on her friends fire escape is making New York City quirky again.  At the High Line Park in the Meat Packing District, as the sun goes down, the Renegade Cabaret comes out on their fire escape and entertains the waiting crowd with jazz standards and inadvertent comedy interludes.  They’ve got a Facebook fan page that will let you know when their performances will take place and they are soon to be legendary.  You heard it here third (with the Times and the Post being numbers 1 and 2, respectively).  Watch out for a Susan Boyle style rags-to-riches story about the Renegade Cabaret.  All photos by G.

Renegade Cabaret 3

We're in the Washington Post and on!

We're in the Washington Post and on!

Their next scheduled performance is on July 14 as the sun sets.  Be there!

Mr. Brainwash at the High Line

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Banksy?  Photo by G

MBW.�Photo by G

Mr. Brainwash came out to show his love for the new High Line Park that opened in New York this weekend.  The High Line  is located in Manhattan’s West Side, overlooking the Chelsea Piers and New Jersey.  It’s got some amazing gardens and tons of places to have amazing photo ops, so please check out this park and donate money, if you can, to help keep the place nice.  This park renews my faith that people can come together for a cause greater than themselves and create something really beautiful.

The High Line - Open now!

The High Line - Open now!

Another MBW  and G in the garden after the jump.

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