Must See TV: “Picked Off”

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Photo courtesy of The History Channel.

Picked Off

“Picked Off” – Starts Wednesday, July 10, 2012 on The History Channel.

TV Lovers!  Get ready for a really cool show from the producers of “American Pickers.”  If you are unfamiliar with “American Pickers,” here’s a brief primer:  Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz travel around America in search of antiques and treasures.  The show is fascinating and it appeals to all ages.

“Picked Off” takes “American Pickers” to the next level as treasure hunters will go head-to-head in a series of elimination challenges to find items they think will fetch top market value. Four teams begin with $100 each to spend on one item…and the clock is ticking.  Teams dig through barns and meet interesting characters all in pursuit of the perfect pick.  The grand prize is $10,000 and every episode takes place in a different locale.

“Picked Off,” a new 6-part competition series, begins on Wednesday, July 11, 2012 ET on the History Channel.  Don’t miss it and tell a friend!

“Picked Off” is produced for History by Cineflix (Top Collector) Inc. Susan Werbe is Executive Producer for History. Executive Producers for Cineflix are Simon Lloyd, Mark Poertner and  Charles Tremayne. Stephen Pettinger is Co-Executive Producer and Julie Cooper is the Supervising Producer.

American Pickers

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Photo taken with my hand.

American Pickers Producer Stephen Pettinger and G.

The show is produced by the best TV producer in the world, Mr. Stephen Pettinger.  Not only is Stephen one of the coolest guys on the planet, but he is who they refer to when you hear the term “making TV magic.”  You can read more about this fabulous show here.

American Pickers airs on the History Channel on Mondays at 9pm (but check your local listings because you do not want to miss this show!)

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