An Encounter with Daniel Radcliffe

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Partial view of the crowd outside "How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying" on July 17, 2011

After seeing the final installment of the Harry Potter franchise on its record breaking worldwide box office weekend, I decided there was only one way to conclude my Harry Potter experience – by meeting the man himself.  Daniel Radcliffe is currently starring in “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying” on Broadway in New York.  I decided to check out the stage door action after the musical let out and it was a scene like I’ve rarely seen.  Thousands of people lined the streets for a glimpse of the star and I was part of the madness.  The photo above is just one side of the stage door exit and in addition to that crowd, there was one (where I was) on the opposite side and twice as many people waited across the street.  The security was very organized and they continually asked the crowd politely to cooperate by not pushing and shoving (which would crush us in the front). I was impressed by that as well as I’ve seen many situations in my life where the security guards decide to show everyone who is boss and are rude to fans.  Everyone cooperated, by the way.  Daniel Radcliffe is no doubt having one of the craziest and most historic weekends of his life as the final installment of the biggest franchise in cinema history is not only released thus closing a major chapter of his life, but it broke so many box office records that may never be broken again.  Radcliffe ends this part of his life on the highest note possible.

As I’ve been around thousands of celebrities from all walks of life (and I’ve written about many of these encounters extensively on this site), you never know how the star in question will be, especially in a situation as nutty as this one.  I’ve definitely seen good and bad situations and I predicted that from the interviews I’ve seen Radcliffe in, he’d be nice.  Find out what happened after the jump.

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