Howard Fonda – Squonk’s Tears

Posted by The G on February 5, 2010 under Artsy Fartsy | Read the First Comment

Photos by G.

Howard Fonda - Squonk's Tears.

During a recent visit to the Mixed Greens gallery in Chelsea, I was not only impressed with their latest exhibit: Howard Fonda’s Squonk’s Tears, but I was also impressed with how nice everyone was in the gallery.  Typically when you walk into an art gallery, the people working there looked pained as visitors walk through the door because they “are very busy.”  I think in the art wanker world, this means “if you are not buying anything, kindly piss off and leave me alone.”  At Mixed Greens, the man I spoke with not only gave me some good insights into this really cool exhibit, but was also very helpful to tell me about future events.

Back to this amazing exhibit.  I loved it.  Howard Fonda is a genius. You can check out his website for larger versions of these incredible works of art.  I scoured his website for his definition of “squonk” and since I couldn’t find one, we’ll just have to say it means “really cool paintings!”  See more cool photos of Howard Fonda’s awesome paintings as well as me and Gail squonking after the jump.  This exhibit is closing very soon, so time is running out!

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