“Mosh Pits, Human and Otherwise” by Dan Witz

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Photos by G.  Art by Dan Witz.

"Mosh Pits, Human and Otherwise" by Dan Witz. Now showing at Jonathan LeVine Gallery in NYC through July 30, 2011

Over the past 10 years, Dan Witz has made a series of “Mosh Pit” paintings.  Inspired by his own musicianship as well as his numerous concert experiences, the paintings have never been shown together – until now!  “Mosh Pits, Human and Otherwise” at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York collects the series and it’s fantastic.  Dan Witz’ paintings looks like photographs and when you see them in person, you cannot help but be amazed.  As someone that goes to a lot of concerts, I completely identify with the scenes that Witz has depicted.  At times, everyone in the crowd is dancing and having a good time, and some of the works show innocent bystanders getting swallowed up in a raucous crowd.

In addition to depictions of humans having a good time, there are also (wall sized) paintings of dog and rat mosh pits!  There are also several portraits of people texting (rather than paying attention to the on stage action), which is yet another accurate commentary of something that is unfortunately running rampant at concerts and pretty much everywhere else these days.  One can only hope that the guilty texter gets swallowed up in the mosh pit and is forced to snap back into reality.

In other Dan Witz news, his first monograph “In Plain View: 30 Years of Artworks Illegal and Otherwise” is also available and it’s great!

Don’t miss “Mosh Pits, Human and Otherwise” by Dan Witz at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery (located at 529 West 20th Street, 9th Floor), which is showing in conjunction with another great exhibit – “Dark Light” by Brett Amory (photos to come in a separate post, so please stay tuned).  Both exhibits run until July 30, 2011.

I spoke with Dan Witz at the opening reception and he confirmed that all the paintings are based on experiences he’s had.  The names of the paintings will often give clues as to what shows these wild scenes are taken from.  You can see a photo from my discussion with the artist after the jump.

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