Happy Birthday, Patrick Martinez

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Photo by G.  Art by Patrick Martinez.

I'm a fighter not a lover / I'm a lover not a fighter by Patrick Martinez

Happy birthday to artist Patrick Martinez.  I really like his work.  He loves to utilize neon, he makes great social commentary and he’s not afraid to take his art to the streets.  All good things, according2g.  You can see photos from his LA solo show “Hustlemania” which took place in early 2011 here.  Have a great day Patrick!

“Hustlemania” by Patrick Martinez

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Photos by G.  Art by Patrick Martinez.

Hustlemania by Patrick Martinez.  Now showing at Known Gallery in Los Angeles through April 9, 2011

Los Angeles!  If you reside in NYC or LA, you’ve surely seen stickers all over the place that feature a 40 of Olde English, a bag of Cheetos, rotting fruit and a jug of Coca Cola with the caption “Fresh Produce.”  The genius social commentary was made by Patrick Martinez who has a great exhibit at the Known Gallery in Los Angeles called “Hustlemania.”   The mixed media exhibit is definitely a feast for the eyes and will give your brain plenty to chew on long after you leave the gallery.  I could go on for days about the brilliance of the sad realities of a woman feeding her baby Pepsi while on her cellphone, but instead, I’ll let the following pictures speak for themselves.  I should also mention there are so many more great works of art not pictured, so you should definitely see “Hustlemania.”

Fresh Produce by Patrick Martinez

Don’t miss this really great exhibit!  “Hustlemania” by Patrick Martinez runs until April 9, 2011 at the Known Gallery.  Known Gallery is located at 441 North Fairfax in Los Angeles.

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