I Am Homo Riot. I Am Jose’

Posted by The G on March 8, 2011 under Street Art | Comments are off for this article

Photos by G.  Art by Homo Riot and Jose’, respectively.

I Am Homo Riot

I Am Homo Riot

I find it funny that on one of the first gorgeous days of the year in New York, I spot stickers from two of my favorite LA street artists: Homo Riot and Jose’, who are blessed with great weather year round in California.

I Am Jose

I Am Jose'

Incidentally, the film “I Am” sounds pretty amazing.  An A-List Hollywood producer has a life changing experience and decides to quit the business in search of trying to unlock some secrets of the universe.  It’s a documentary so there’s a pretty good chance of it being one of the better films released theatrically this year – sight unseen.

I am Homo Riot.  I am Jose

I am Homo Riot. I am Jose'. I Am - The Documentary. In theatres now.

I Am Homo Riot and I Am Jose’ are now showing on a street corner near you.

I Am – The Documentary is in movie theatres now.

I Am loving everything about this post!

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