Nick Walker Loves New York

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Photo by G.

Nick Walker LES

Nick Walker LES

I felt a huge sense of pride as I discovered this mural by Nick Walker on September 11.  I love New York too!  To think that 11 years ago on that horrible day, not only was I living in Los Angeles, but I’d never even visited New York let alone thought that one day I would be living here.  It was quite a powerful moment for me.

I Love New York!

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Photo by G.

The Manhattan Skyline

I totally forgot to wish myself a happy 5 year anniversary for living in New York.  This city is all of the following things: amazing, incredible, extremely hot, extremely cold, always full of life, full of things to do, vibrant, alive, closer to Europe than LA, energetic, incredibly expensive, really dirty, beautiful, full of rats, sometimes totally shitty, an addiction, a place where you can indulge in any possible fetish you have, a blessing, a curse, a disguise, fun, never boring, great for exercise, full of really gorgeous people, your best friend, your worst enemy.

I seem to be doing alright though. I love you, New York, you little shit!


I Love New York

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Photo by G.

How about a little police brutality to start off the morning?  It goes great with eggs!

Feel free to come up with your own caption for this picture.  Mine is “There’s no way I’m not taking a picture of this moment.”

Banksy Visits New York

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Photos by G.  Art by Banksy.

I Love New York by Banksy.

Two things I love have been combined into one image:  New York and artist Banksy.  The notorious street artist paid a visit to our fair city over the weekend and left us a love letter to remember him by.

After the jump, find out the somewhat secret location of this wonderful work by Banksy and also, see that when it comes to photos, I prefer to take it with my hand.

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