Ian Hughes – Inside Out

Posted by The G on May 26, 2010 under Artsy Fartsy | Read the First Comment

Photos by G.  Art by Ian Hughes.

Ian Hughes - Inside out at the 532 Gallery Thomas Jaeckel in New York now through June 5, 2010 in NYC.

Everyone knows that I love the use of vivid colors in art.  With that in mind, I was instantly in love with American artist Ian Hughes’ first solo show called Inside Out at the 532 Gallery Thomas Jaeckel in New York.  The images you’ll see in this exhibit are mind-bending and there are many more than what is presented here.  Do these works represent the state of the current world, a past one or what is to come in the future?  Decide for yourself when you check out this exhibit.  The 532 Gallery Thomas Jaeckel is located at 532 West 25th Street in New York and Inside Out runs through June 5, 2010.

Ian Hughes - Inside Out @ the 532 Gallery Thomas Jaeckel in New York.

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