Hurricane Irene Blows!

Posted by The G on August 27, 2011 under The G Spot | Comments are off for this article

Photo by G.

Washington Square Park

Washington Square Park in Manhattan

A hurricane is coming!  New York will be getting a much needed blow job this weekend as Hurricane Irene will be paying our island a visit beginning at 5 pm on Saturday, August 27 and will likely continue fucking shit up for over 24 hours.  All entertainment has been canceled for this weekend, the grocery store lines for provisions are out the door and the media is doing everything they can to scare the shit out of us.  If you can avoid going out this weekend, it’s advised but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do, so please be safe out there!  There’s always the off chance that the media is telling the truth.  All I know is that in the same week, New York will have experienced an earthquake and a hurricane.  Something is about to happen.  If this isn’t a HUGE sign that the planet is getting fed up with our human drama, then what is?!!


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