Young Empires live at Arlene’s Grocery

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Young Empires live at Arlene's Grocery

I cannot believe it’s only been two months since I was first exposed to the disco-punk band Young Empires.  I saw them open for Dragonette in August of 2010 and I have been listening to their music so much since then, it seems like their songs have been a part of my musical vocabulary for a much longer period of time.  Naturally, I was excited to see them perform again as they played a very intimate gig at Arlene’s Grocery for the CMJ music festival on October 23, 2010. Once again, Young Empires kicked ass!  Non New Yorkers might know of Arlene’s Grocery as it was one of the venues Jeff Buckley used to play before his career skyrocketed.

Speaking of careers skyrocketing, I spoke with the band before the gig and they were telling me that they just supported Jamiroquai on a South American tour!  Mark my words, this band is going to be huge!  I was shocked when I discovered they are not signed to a record label yet, so my dear readers, let’s all close our eyes for a few minutes and think “Interscope.”  Also, while you wait patiently for live videos of Young Empires’ fantastic soon-to-be worldwide smash hits “Against The Wall” and “Rain of Gold,” which I’ll be posting soon, you can download FREE demo versions of the tracks by signing up on the band’s mailing list on their official Myspace page.  This is highly recommended and I know your ears will thank you for clicking the link!  When I wrote my review of Young Empires from their August performance, I remarked that I liked the music so much, I couldn’t wait to meet the band after their set to tell them.  I saw the same thing happen after their performance today with new fans and I am happy to see that people are really responding to Young Empires.

Young Empires’ 7 song set consisted of “White Doves,” “Against The Wall,” “Rain of Gold,” “Diamond Rings” and a couple of new songs.  I really enjoyed watching the audience go crazy during the Young Empires’ set especially since the crowd was virtually expressionless for the bands that played prior to them.  Dance floors in 2011 are going to be a much happier place once the music of Young Empires is playing, so get ready to get your disco-punk groove on!

I cannot wait for Young Empires to become huge stars and if performances like the one they delivered at Arlene’s Grocery are a predictor of future success, I think it’s only a matter of time before they conquer the music charts.  Pass it on…

Matthew Vlahovich (Lead Singer) of Young Empires

Robert Aaron Ellingson of Young Empires

Jake Palahnuk of Young Empires

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