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James Cook of Delphic

Delphic fans rejoice!  The band has not one, but two free downloadable EPs on their official website and these offers won’t last long, so go now to get your tracks.

What are the songs, you ask?

The free Counterpoint EP has:

1. Counterpoint (Tim Goldsworthy Edit)

2. Doubt (Acoustic)

3. Wake

4. This Momentary (Extended Version)

A second EP can be downloaded that features the B-side “Sanctuary,” the amazing extended version of “This Momentary” as well as remixes Delphic has done for Phoenix (“Fences”) and Everything Everything (“My Keys, Your Boyfriend”).

You can also read an exclusive interview with Delphic on the Delphic Fan Site.  Thanks Delphic!

Delphic live at Terminal 5

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On October 1, 2010, Manchester’s Delphic played to a sold out crowd at New York’s Terminal 5.  I saw them earlier this year, not having heard any of their music and by the end of that show, I was a fan.  Their album “Acolyte” was not yet released in the United States when I saw them initially, and since that night, I’ve listened to the album so many times, there’s no doubt that it is securing a spot in my best albums of 2010 list.  It was so great to see the band live after becoming familiar with their music because they are killer live!  I am still battling my case of laryngitis, but I did my best to sing along  to every track.  Apologies to the people standing near me if I sounded like a dying cat.  Their 8 song set was played as a continuous mix and it was an hour long dance party that everyone in Terminal 5 was enjoying.  It’s hard to pick a favorite song, but looking at my I-pod counter, I’ve heard “Red Lights” the most and I thought I was going to lose control when the song came on because I love it so much.  Luckily, for the sake of you, my dear readers, I held it together and took a video which you’ll see very soon.  Please be patient.  I am one person with lots of adventures to write about.

James Cook of Delphic

If you’ve never heard Delphic’s music before, please visit their official website (link is above) where you can download 1 unreleased track (Sanctuary), 1 extended version (This Momentary) and 2 remixes they’ve done for other artists (Phoenix, Everything Everything).  I highly recommend it!  As you’ve already read, I met lead singer James Cook after the set and he was a delightful person!  This was a night for the books.  I am really looking forward to Delphic becoming worldwide superstars and if their set from tonight is any prediction of future success, I think they have nothing to worry about.

Delphic’s setlist was: Clarion Call / Doubt / Red Lights / Instrumental / This Momentary / Halcyon / Counterpoint / Acolyte

An Encounter with James Cook of Delphic

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James Cook - Lead Singer of Delphic and G

Earlier this year, I caught the band Delphic’s first gig in New York (possibly their first ever gig in the US) and I loved it.  I met the band before they hit the stage and they were all so nice to me.  I’ve been listening to their album “Acolyte” a lot since that show and it has definitely secured a spot in my top ten favorite albums of 2010 list.  Naturally, when I found out Delphic was coming back to New York, I knew I had to be there.  They played at Terminal 5 on October 1, 2010 supporting Temper Trap. Delphic’s set was epic and the crowd was really into it as well.  A review, images and video of my favorite track “Red Lights” will be coming soon so stay tuned.

Mid-way through watching Temper Trap, I felt I’d seen all I needed to see and decided to focus on getting my “Acolyte” CD autographed.  As my good fortune would have it, I ran right into lead singer James Cook almost immediately after I set out on my pursuit.  He was making a call and as I walked past him, my brain recognized him so I waved.  He waved back with that “I know you from somewhere look.”  As soon as he was off the phone, we chatted for a bit and he was so nice!  He remembered taking a photo with me once before and even remembered that I write a music and arts blog!  I got the chance to gush at how much I love Delphic and he was extremely gracious.  He told me about the making of the CD cover and what the next leg of their tour entails.  He took a photo with both myself as well as my friend and signed our cds.  As he handed mine back, he said “This is for you Geoffrey, according to D.”  I said “but my website is called ‘according to G.’  He said “‘D’ is for Delphic.”

I think I am in love!  In a totally platonic way, of course.  James, a million thanks again for putting on such a great show with your mates and for being such a truly nice person!  I wish the sun, moon and stars for you and for Delphic.

In other Delphic news, go to their official site and by signing up on their mailing list, you can download a free 4-track EP that features 1 unreleased song, 1 extended version (that’s 12 minutes of heaven), and 2 remixes the band has done for Phoenix and Everything Everything.  Get this EP while supplies last.

According 2 Delphic! "Acolyte" is out now! GET IT!!!!!

G’s Top 10 Songs of 2010… so far

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The year is half over or half started, depending on your point of view.  Some people would argue that June marks the half-way point of the year, but those who read this blog daily, aka MY HEROES, you know that nothing I do is conventional.

There’s been a lot of great music I’ve heard this year (thank The Creator) and to celebrate that fact, here’s my top ten list of best songs of 2010… so far.

See it after the jump.

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G Meets the Band Delphic*

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*Except for Drummer Dan Hadley.

Photos taken with my hand.

Delphic Lead Singer James Cook and G

Read all about Delphic and how awesome they are here!

Delphic Guitarrist Matt Cocksedge and G

Delphic Keyboardist Richard Boardman and G

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