Video: “Yellow Gold” Live and Acoustic by Andy Allo

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On January 27, 2014, Cameroonian-born singer-songwriter, guitarist, pianist, model, and actress Andy Allo performed her first ever solo show in New York at Mercury Lounge in the Lower East Side.  Fans braved the freezing temperatures only to have our hearts melted by Andy Allo’s smooth and very beautiful voice.  She performed songs from her debut album “Unfresh,” a cover of Bob Marley’s “Waiting in Vain,” as well as tracks from her latest offering, “Superconductor,” a record that featured some help from the Voldemort of funk – Prince.  Typically when Prince produces an artist, he brings out their best, but I can honestly say after seeing Andy Allo live, she is WAY better off without a little help from her friends.  Her voice is incredible and her songs work better stripped down acoustically than they do featuring purple production.  Like the Harry Potter universe did with Voldemort, Allo did not need to speak his name throughout her show and as a result, we were all able to fall in love with Andy Allo for her gift of song and not for her famous friends.

Check out an acoustic performance of her standout track “Yellow Gold” by clicking PLAY.

There’s no word if the Purple Police will come after me for posting this video, but if they do, I will comply and then write an article which will hopefully go viral about what a horrible person and business man Prince is… and boy, do I have stories I could tell.  Not a threat, just a fact.  He may be a control freak over his intellectual property, but he’s got nothing over mine.  He may dress like a Jehovah’s Witness, but the similarities end there, I assure you!   🙂

Thanks for a great night Andy!

Andy Allo and Geoffrey Dicker

Andy Allo and Geoffrey Dicker

Andy Allo Setlist at Mercury Lounge.  Now property of the G Archives.

Andy Allo Setlist at Mercury Lounge. Now property of the G Archives.


Cloud Runner (featuring Matisyahu) live at Bowery Ballroom

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Cloud Runner featuring Matisyahu (seated)

Matisyahu, the Hasidic Jewish reggae musician, rounded up some of his friends and former bandmates and formed the super group Cloud Runner.  They performed their second ever show on January 27, 2011 at New York’s Bowery Ballroom.  Though they claimed they were just “messing around,” the band was so tight, you’d think they’ve been around for years!  Aside from techno, country and classical, pretty much every style of music was heard on the stage.  The band played free-form jams that were like mini-rock operas and it was amazing!  Matisyahu sang, rapped, beatboxed and sang reggae during the course of the over 2 hour show.


It is unclear if Cloud Runner will be playing more shows or if it was just a bunch of friends (and extremely talented musicians) just having fun for a few nights.  However, if more shows are announced, I definitely recommend you see Cloud Runner!

See the setlist after the jump.

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Happy Birthday, Alan Cumming

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Alan Cumming

Alan Cumming

Happy birthday to actor/singer Alan Cumming who was born on this day, January 27.  In addition to being a great actor, when Alan Cumming performs his one man show, it’s a must see!  He’s got a great voice and the anecdotes he tells in between songs are hysterical.  Mostly by dumb luck, he says, he’s gotten the chance to perform inside of the biggest concert halls in the world.  He’s had in person encounters with the celebrity A list, which he recounts during his performances, he does a great deal of charity work and he’s a really cool guy!  Happy birthday Alan!

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