Review: Japandroids live at Mercury Lounge

Posted by The G on September 15, 2011 under G Reviews | Comments are off for this article

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Brian King of Japandroids

Brian King of Japandroids

Sometimes my criteria for seeing bands is a little off kilter.  In the case of Japandroids, I loved their band name the first time I heard it.  Although they’ve been around for several years, when the Canadian duo walked on stage for the first time at their sold out show at Mercury Lounge in New York on September 14, 2011, it was the first time I ever heard their music.  From the second they hit the stage, Japandroids rocked!  Their music is loud, fast and furious and though it’s described as noise pop, I’d like to add punk to the  There are only two members in the band, but their sound is full and loud.  My ears are still ringing as I write these words – but in a good way.  Lead singer Brian King announced the band is working on a new album and it should be out later this year or early next year.   As such, they alternated between playing new songs and old songs, which King said “are so old, they are from last year.”

David Prowse ofJapandroids

David Prowse of Japandroids

Unfortunately, a set list was not posted, so I cannot tell you the names of the songs played, but I can say if you liked the “old” material from Japandroids, you will not be disappointed when you hear their new songs.  Thanks to Japandroids for rockin!

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