Happy Birthday, Jeanne Wilkinson

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Photo by G.  Art by Jeanne Wilkinson.

Jeanne Wilkinson

Jeanne Wilkinson

Happy birthday to artist Jeanne Wilkinson.  I love her art.  Her work is extremely diverse from manipulated photos to abstract paintings to video art.  She also created The Painted People, a series of discarded dolls, who were reborn in Jeanne Wilkinson’s studio and have adventures all over the world, with Wilkinson documenting their stories.  Love it!  Find out more about Jeanne Wilkinson on her official website.  Happy birthday!

Jeanne Wilkinson is a Video Alchemist

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Photos by G.  Art by Jeanne Wilkinson.

Jeanne Wilkinson's art

June 15, 2011 was a night of Video Alchemy.  Literally!  Artists Jeanne Wilkinson and Elizabeth Riley presented new works for a special one-night only pop-up art show called “Video Alchemy” at the Creon Gallery in New York.  Both artists showcased new video projects that were a treat for the eyes.  These short films were shown outside as the sun was setting, which enhanced the viewing experience.  The imagery was also extremely trippy and definitely gave our subconscious something to chew on long after the presentation was over.

Video Alchemy

Video Alchemy

On a personal note, one of the films was Jeanne Wilkinson’s reimagining of Robert Plant’s video to “Angel Dance.” She used some of my video footage of Plant that I took last year when I saw him in concert.  It was pretty cool to see that in a gallery setting!  If you weren’t able to make it out last night, never fear – you can see the video here.

Angel Dance with G shout out!

Robert Plant’s “Angel Dance” Video Reimagined

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Video by Jeanne Wilkinson.

Artist Jeanne Wilkinson has done it again! When she’s not making abstract paintings, surreal photography or creating new adventures with The Painted People, she has reimagined the video to Robert Plant’s “Angel Dance,” and it’s really cool!

Before you click play, here are the credits:

“Angel Dance” sung by Robert Plant and the Band of Joy

Imagery by Jeanne Wilkinson

Dancing by Cycropia Aerial Dance

Curious objects from JTaylor Galleries, Madison, WI

Footage of Robert Plant by Geoffrey Dicker at Bowery Ballroom, NYC, September 12, 2010


In The Studio with Artist Jeanne Wilkinson

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Photos by G.  Art by Jeanne Wilkinson.

The Painted People by Jeanne Wilkinson

One of the greatest things about this blog is that I am extremely fortunate to attend really cool events and meet all kinds of interesting people.  My version of paying it forward is sharing these cool experiences with you in hopes that you discover or rediscover something that makes you smile.  With that being said, I was very lucky to visit the studio of American artist Jeanne Wilkinson and she gave me a peek into her world and the wonderful art she creates.

I don’t think there’s a genre that Jeanne Wilkinson has not mastered and her works range from abstract paintings to photography to music and visual art.  I was so impressed with her ever evolving body of work, I cannot stress highly enough the importance of going to her website to check out all the great stuff she does.  Her films have been shown at art events across the country and she’s participated in countless gallery shows.

The above picture of The Painted People is just one of many projects she has created and the concept is genius:  she has taken discarded Barbie and Ken dolls and GI Joe action figures and has given them a new and more exciting life.  The Painted People have traveled all over the world and their adventures have been caught on film and in still photos.  I can absolutely envision their stories being told in a movie or TV series franchise.  Are you listening studio moguls?!

Jeanne Wilkinson with the Painted People!

You’d think that having that kind of potential hit on her hands would make Jeanne rest on her laurels.  Not a chance!  After the jump, see even more cool stuff from Jeanne Wilkinson.

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