Reeve Carney cast as Jeff Buckley for Bio-Pic

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Reeve Carney cast as Jeff Buckley

Reeve Carney cast as Jeff Buckley

This is a no-brainer!  Reeve Carney, star of Spider-Man on Broadway and lead singer of the band Carney, has been cast as Jeff Buckley in the “official” bio-pic about the singer’s life.  As a big fan of Jeff Buckley’s music, I was dreading the prospect of a movie because the names being thrown around that were in consideration to play Jeff are not singers.  I am happy that if a movie has to be made, Reeve Carney who can both sing and act will be in it.  It helps that he looks and sounds a lot like Jeff and from what I’ve heard so far, he’ll sing the songs so I am very excited about that.

Not so long ago, I saw Carney perform and Reeve performed two songs by two different legends – Queen and The Beatles!  Coincidentally, the banter before the song is something you’d hear at a Jeff Buckley concert so I am excited for the film.  Don’t let me down like you usually do Hollywood!

And now, enjoy seeing Reeve Carney sing “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen followed by “I Want You (She’s So Heavy)” by The Beatles.

Happy Birthday, Jeff Buckley

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Jeff Buckley

I cannot believe singer Jeff Buckley died in 1997!  Had he lived, he’d be celebrating his birthday today, November 17.  I remember working in a record store when “Grace” came out and I got a copy of the record and it has not strayed too far from heavy rotation ever since.  It still pains me that I had multiple chances to see him perform and I thought “I’ll just catch him another time.”  Legacy Recordings have released deluxe special editions of “Grace” (with a full disc of bonus tracks, as well as a DVD with videos) and “Live At Sin-E” (with over 30 additional tracks that were not included on the original 4 track EP).  They are must haves!  He only released these two albums in his way too brief life, but like so many of the greats, he left behind a lot of unreleased material.  It’s impossible to pick a favorite song, but I know that today I’ll definitely listen to “So Real,” “Everybody Here Wants You,” and “Last Goodbye.”  What’s your favorite Jeff Buckley song?  There are no wrong answers.  Jeff, wherever you are, thank you for music that has helped shape my life and hope you have a great birthday!

G’s Top Reissues of the Decade

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G's top reissues of the decade.

G's top reissues of the decade.

The period of 2000-2009 saw the re-release of some of the greatest music of all time, packaged with superior sound, deluxe liner notes and bonus tracks.  After the jump, see my thoughts on the greatest reissues of the decade.

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Grace Around The World

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