Female Bodybuilders by Martin Schoeller

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Photos of Martin Schoeller’s photos by G.

Female Bodybuilders by Martin Schoeller at Hasted Hunt Kraeutler in New York. Now through August 27, 2010

Award winning photographer Martin Schoeller has an interesting exhibit called “Female Bodybuilders” at Hasted Hunt Kraeutler in New York.  As the title suggests, there are tons of Schoeller’s stylistic portraits of female bodybuilders.  The exhibit will make you redefine your definitions of beauty and how much is enough!  In the back part of the exhibit, Martin Schoeller’s signature closeups of celebrities appear and you’ll be able to get up close and personal with the likes of Kobe Bryant, Paris Hilton, Sarah Palin, Allan Greenspan, Dennis Hopper and Jerry Seinfeld.  Female Bodybuilders runs through August 27, 2010 at Hasted Hunt Kraeutler, which is located at 537 West 24th Street in New York.

Paris Hilton and Allan Greenspan by Martin Schoeller.

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G Meets Jerry Seinfeld!

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Photo taken with my hand.

Jerry Seinfeld and G

When you walk down the street in Manhattan, you never know who you’ll be standing next to, so stay alert!  This was the case the other day as I was walking next to one of my favorites – Jerry Seinfeld! When I asked him to take a photo, he was less than pleased to oblige, but he couldn’t resist.  (The traffic light gods were on my side that day).  Admittedly, when I took this photo with my hand, I realized it’s certainly not going to win any photography awards, but I had to be really quick on the draw as Jerry really wasn’t in the mood for a stop and chat.  However, I am most grateful to Jerry for both the photo and for starring in one of my favorite shows of all time – Seinfeld.  Thanks again Jerry.

The Marriage Ref

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Photos by G.

The Marriage Ref set.

So by now, episodes of Jerry Seinfeld’s latest project The Marriage Ref are already airing on TV, but if you are like me and have no time or interest for TV – you might be asking yourself – what in the world is this show about?  Each week, 3 celebrity panelists look at a particular issue in a married couple’s life and then they vote on who is in the right.  The show has been universally panned by critics, but the saving grace is that because Jerry Seinfeld is who he is, he commands major star power to infuse life into a really dull premise.  I went to a taping of the show on March 15, 2010 and whilst I’ve signed a confidentiality agreement, I cannot talk about what happens on the show. What I will say is that Kirstie Alley, Sheryl Crow and Jimmy Fallon were the guests.  Also, as soon as the show was over, the set producer allowed us to take photos!  That was a nice surprise to an otherwise long evening.

From left: Jimmy Fallon, Kirstie Alley, host Tom Papa, Sheryl Crow, Jerry Seinfeld.

See more pix of Jerry Seinfeld, Kirstie Alley, Jimmy Fallon and Sheryl Crow after the jump.

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