Congratulations to Mark Rylance

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Mark Rylance and Geoffrey Dicker

Mark Rylance and G

I am so happy that Mark Rylance won a Tony Award for best actor for his role in Jerusalem!  He was SO great in that play.  He’s been in over 40 productions of Shakespeare plays so it’s no wonder why his acting is so amazing.  His role in “La Bete” from last year was quite possibly the best acting performance I’ve ever seen live and his role in Jerusalem is right up there too!  Congratulations Mark!

Must See Play: Jerusalem

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Jerusalem - Now playing at the Music Box on Broadway

When I saw actor Mark Rylance perform in “La Bete” last year, he gave the best acting performance I’ve ever seen live.  He recited a 30 minute soliloquy in rhyming couplet that was so funny, to this day, I still wonder how he did it night after night.  It was then when I decided I’ll see anything Rylance is in.  He’s currently in a play called “Jerusalem” which is now showing at the Music Box in New York.  The story is a funny drug and booze filled comedy/tragedy where Rylance portrays Johnny “Rooster” Byron.  He plays a flawed but lovable hero battling the forces of authority.  Mark Rylance is on stage for nearly every minute of the 3 hour play and once again, his acting is superb.  The entire cast is great, in fact.  I don’t want to spoil the plot for you, but you will see Rylance down a glass of milk with a raw egg in it, hear the C-word uttered on stage many times and see one of the greatest performances you’ll possibly ever witness. 

The Music Box theater is located at 239 West 45th Street in New York.  Don’t miss it!

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