13 Bands to Watch in 2011

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As 2010 draws to a close, I can say that it’s been a good year for music.  After seeing literally hundreds of acts this year, it is my duty to share some of my favorites with you.  Below see my 13 of my favorite new bands/artists of 2010.

Delphic. If you like New Order, you’ll love Delphic. Check out “Red Lights”

Young Empires.  Check out the disco-punk band performing “Against the Wall”

Two Door Cinema Club. The sound on “Something Good Can Work” is very bass heavy, so definitely seek out a cleaner version of this amazing song.

The Rassle. Take a drive, roll the windows down and sing “Born Free” at the top of your lungs! It’s a great experience.

Dan Black. The following clip of “Yours” is performed acoustically, so imagine what the dancey studio version sounds like. Don’t just imagine… find out!

Penguin Prison. If you like pop and soul with guitar, you can’t go wrong with Penguin Prison.

Wild Nothing. If you like The Smiths, you’re going to love Wild Nothing.

MNDR. If you love pre-botox Madonna, MNDR will be your thing. Here’s “Sparrow” and “Fade to Black” performed with Mark Ronson!

JBM. Jesse Marchant’s voice is so beautiful you might find yourself crying. But they’ll be tears of joy.

Hanni El Khatib. Rock and roll is not dead and Hanni El Khatib proves it!

Tame Impala. If you like the Beatles psychedelic era, you’ll love these Australian rockers. Check out “Solitude is Bliss”

Male Bonding. The punk trio from the UK rock. Hard! They are so awesome live too. This is their track “Weird Feelings.”Future Relative. Check out their cover of Bjork’s “Army of Me.”

Jesse Marchant (aka JBM) live at Mercury Lounge

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Photos by G.

Jesse Marchant (aka JBM)

Singer Jesse Marchant (aka JBM) opened for Keane side project Mt. Desolation on October 27, 2010 in New York at Mercury Lounge.  As soon as he opened his mouth to sing for the first time, I was in love!  His voice is angelic and I immediately thought of Jose Gonzalez.  When I got home and did a little research on JBM, I noticed that every article mentions Jose Gonzalez.  That’s fine!  There’s room enough in the universe for both singers.  Like Jose Gonzalez, JBM has a voice that sounds like multiple people are singing a wall of sound and yet, the sounds you hear are merely his heavenly voice.  During his 30 minute set, JBM played acoustic guitar, harmonica and the drums.  I really recommend you check out his album “Not Even In July.”  You can read more about JBM here and here.  I am so happy to have discovered his music and I hope you will be too.  A live video of “Cleo’s Song” is coming soon, so stick around for that!

Jesse Marchant

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