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Photo by G.

Tim Rice-Oxley (seated) and Jesse Quin of Mt. Desolation

I love Daytrotter!  Bands come in the studio and record a live session and then Daytrotter makes it available on their website for free!  Great music that is priced for the recession!  There’s a brand new session from Mt. Desolation, the alt-country side project from Keane’s Tim Rice-Oxley and Jesse Quin.  Check out the session on Daytrotter.

Mt. Desolation (featuring members of Keane) live at Mercury Lounge

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Photos by G.

Mt. Desolation

On October 27, 2010, the alt-country-rock band Mt. Desolation played its first ever headlining show in New York.  Mt. Desolation is the side-project of Jesse Quin and Tim Rice-Oxley who are members of the band Keane.  Considering that Keane sell out large venues across the globe, Jesse Quin and Tim Rice-Oxley were so excited to be playing for us in a very intimate setting and it showed.  They were so happy to be playing these songs for us and the crowd returned the love.  Their self-titled album “Mt. Desolation” was only released in the US a week ago, and I saw so many people singing along to nearly every song.

The night began with a really great set by singer Jesse Marchant (aka JBM).  More to come (including video) on Jesse Marchant – you won’t want to miss it!  There were a lot of Keane fans in the crowd and it was so cute seeing their enthusiasm.  Mt. Desolation hit the stage just around 8 pm and they killed it (in a great way).  Some tracks were very slow and mellow and tracks like “Platform 7” were rockin’!  Speaking of “Platform 7,” stay tuned for a video of that song.  Coming soon.  I met Jesse Quin before the show and Tim Rice-Oxley literally as he walked off the stage and pictures of that encounter are forthcoming as well.  If you like Stornoway, who I saw earlier this year at the same venue and loved, you’ll definitely like Mt. Desolation.

See more pictures and the set list after the jump.

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An Encounter with Mt. Desolation (featuring members of Keane)

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Photos taken with my hand.

Tim Rice-Oxley (Mt. Desolation, Keane) and G

On October 27, 2010 I met the two lead singers of Mt. Desolation at their first ever headlining show at New York’s Mercury Lounge.  Both singers are also in the group Keane and both singers were extremely nice.  I met Jesse Quin (pictured below) prior to the show and I met Tim Rice-Oxley (pictured above) literally as he was walking off stage.  The guys were super cool and if indie alt-country rock is your thing, you’ll love this band!  They do have some mellow tracks but many of them are quite rockin’.  Thanks again to Tim and Jesse for turning this first timer into a fan!  Photos from the show are coming soon.  Stay tuned!

Jesse Quin (Mt. Destination and Keane) and G

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