Tattoo of the Day: Jesus Kissing The Devil

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Jesus Making Out With The Devil

Jesus Making Out With The Devil

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Warhol: The Last Decade

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Andy Warhol: The Last Decade. Now at the Brooklyn Museum through September 12, 2010.

Andy Warhol.  You either love him or you hate him.  I lean much more towards the love side, but I also sometimes dabble in the dislike area.  Here’s why – in the same way that Andy Warhol saved art, he also ruined it.  He made it accessible for everyone to want to have their 15 minutes of fame and masses of people so undeserving of it are going after and getting it.  He also made a mastery of being a total son of a bitch to his crew as he served as creative director and called himself an artist.  Imagine how great we’d be if only we could have a team executing our ideas just for the chance to hang with us.  It’s a blessing and a curse that can be argued over for days, but opinions are opinions.

With that being said, the Brooklyn Museum is hosting an exhibit of works created in the last decade of Andy Warhol’s life and it’s definitely worth checking out if you lean towards the love side of his work.  If you fall into the undecided category, this might tip you over into the love column and if you are not a fan, I am not sure this exhibit will help change your mind.  There were lots of works I’d never seen before (several are pictured after the jump), including collaborations with Basquiat.  There were also a few video installations that featured interviews with celebrities that were in Interview Magazine as well as music videos by The Cars’ “Hello Again,” and Curiosity Killed the Cats’ “Misfit,” both of which Warhol appeared in.  Being huge fans of both songs for over 20 years, this was a revelation to me.  The last decade of Andy Warhol’s life was also his most productive and as you will see in this exhibit, many of the works shown are beyond enormous.  Love him or not, you can’t say he was a man that sat around and did nothing while the explorations of life passed him by.

What’s your opinion of Warhol?  Love him, hate him or who in the hell is Warhol?  There are no wrong answers, so let your voice be heard!

See a collaboration with Basquiat and Warhol’s take on Jesus after the jump.

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