Coming Soon… “Unfinished Lyrics” by Geoffrey Dicker

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Photo of the cover, whose photo is also taken by G.

Unfinished Lyrics by Geoffrey Dicker

Unfinished Lyrics by Geoffrey Dicker

A few years ago, I teased the existence of a new book entitled “Unfinished Lyrics.”  My fans have been asking me “WHEN?” ever since.  Well, my darlings, the wait is almost over, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your patience.  At the time, I shifted gears away from my own art to write about my adventures in the art and music worlds.  If you read this site, you know there are very few life changing experiences I’ve not had in those realms.  I’ve experienced the good, the awesome, the bad and the nasty.  Rather than be like everyone else, which to me is a fate worse than death, I’m going to continue to grow and challenge myself as I focus on a series of new projects, the first of which is “Unfinished Lyrics.”

The book is a collection of lyric fragments (couplets, choruses and verses), song lyrics that have never been recorded in any way as well as songs that have been recorded primarily by the uber talented singers Jim Emmons and Jeremy Gloff.

What you may or may not know is that Jim Emmons and I have released 3 albums:  “In The Absence of Red,” “Throwing Stars” and “So Strange” (shameless plug: all are available on iTunes) and the track “Manhunt” recorded by Jeremy Gloff was featured in the movie “Eating Out: The Lost Weekend.”

I pose the challenge to you, my dear readers, that when you read the words, if they make you feel like singing, DO IT!  Let’s make a million bucks!  Everyone else is doing it, so why not you and me?!

More details and samples to be released soon, so please watch this space.

Thanks again for all your love and support!



Happy Birthday, Jim Emmons

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Photo of the “In The Absence of Red” album cover by G.

Jim Emmons - In The Absence of Red

Jim Emmons - In The Absence of Red

Happy birthday to singer/songwriter Jim Emmons.  It still goes down in G history as one of the most surreal experiences of my life when I was contacted by Jim after my involvement in working on the “Ultimate Prince” CD and my book “Sketches of Verbal Alchemy.”  Jim got in touch with me via email (as we live in different states), one thing led to another and the next thing you know we were making music together!  I provided the lyrics, Jim arranged, produced, played all instruments and sang the songs!  This collaboration has already yielded two albums: “In the Absence of Red” and “Throwing Stars.”  The first album was released and was for sale on I-Tunes before Jim and I ever met face to face!  If that’s not a Bernie Taupin/Elton John-esque type situation, then what is?!  As Elton and Bernie are two of my heroes, I couldn’t be more pleased with our willingness to take some creative risks and collaborate.  Check out Jim’s website as he often posts “in-progress” songs he’s working on and he’s super creative, so there’s new content all the time.  There are also some exciting new projects Jim is working on, but that’s an announcement for another day.  Happy birthday Jim!  I look forward to many more collaborations!

Throwing Stars by Jim Emmons

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Photo courtesy of Jim Emmons.  Cover art by Wilf Frost.

Throwing Stars by Jim Emmons. Now available on I-Tunes!

In 2008, I collaborated with singer Jim Emmons on a project called “In The Absence of Red.”  Working in the style of Elton John and Bernie Taupin, I wrote song lyrics with no melodies in mind and emailed my contributions to Jim.  He then took the words and crafted R & B, Pop and Jazz songs around the words and before long, the 11 song album “In The Absence of Red” was born.  We released the project on I-Tunes and it was more successful than we could have ever imagined.

We’ve continued to collaborate ever since and our second collection, “Throwing Stars” is out today on I-Tunes! The album features the slow jam “So In Love,” the funky as hell “In Time,” the rockin’ “Something” as well as “Pride,” which will surely become the anthem for a community that is finally starting to see equal rights.  You can hear samples of all of these songs at Jim Emmons’ official website, so get to clickin’.  We hope you enjoy listening to the album as much as we enjoyed making it. is Live!

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Photo courtesy of Jim Emmons.

Visit for some new grooves.

For all fans of funk, R&B and jazz, today is your lucky day.  The extremely talented singer/songwriter Jim Emmons�has launched his official website!  Emmons is a self-taught musician who cites influences such as Prince, George Michael, Vince Guaraldi and Ella Fitzgerald, just to name a few.  Jim and I started collaborating on music in the summer of 2007 when he came across my book Sketches of Verbal Alchemy in a google search.  After a series of emails, I started emailing him lyrics, with no particular melodies in mind (a’la Bernie Taupin and Elton John) and before long, we had well over an album’s worth of finished songs.  Our first album, “In The Absence of Red,” was recorded and released before Jim and I ever met face to face!  The album was met with critical praise and we’ve been working on music together ever since.  Currently, we are putting the finishing touches on “Throwing Stars,” another collection of music that seeks to inspire, challenge established norms and will be the soundtrack for the listener to get their groove on.  The album will be released in 2010.

In Time by Jim Emmons

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Cover art provided by Jim Emmons.

In Time by Jim Emmons. Out now!

I’m very excited to announce the latest single by the fabulously talented singer Jim Emmons – “In Time.”  The lead-off single is taken from the album “Throwing Stars,” which is due to be released in 2010.  The track is funky!  Music and vocals are courtesy of Mr. Emmons and lyrics are by your favorite blogger G.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it.  Please give us your feedback.  And if you’d like to license this track for a film, inquire within – we’ll give you a good price!  Speaking of that, the song can be downloaded here for the bargain price of 75 cents (US).  We appreciate your patronage!

In time, the sea will crash into you and me
In time, everyone repressed will be free
In time, even the blind will learn how to see
In time

In time, you will find your place in this world
In time, you will learn to love all boys and girls
In time, your squiggles will become swirls
In time

In time, you will learn to spread your wings
In time, you will open your heart and sing
In time, you will realize none of this means a thing
In time

Time is like age, it’s just a number
It doesn’t make you a sage
Only you will awaken from your slumber

In time, we’ll be friends
In time, we can separate the beginning from the end
In time, we’ll learn real versus pretend
In time

In time, you’ll see that life is sometimes more
In time, you’ll know to stay inside or get out and explore
In time, you’ll see it’s you that I adore
In time


In time, you’ll regret the promises you break
In time, you’ll appreciate the choices you make
In time, you’ll learn to give more than you take
In time

In time, you’ll be able to start life new
In time, you’ll figure out what you need to do
In time, you’ll see that change begins with you
In time

(guitar solo)


Music by Jim Emmons, ASCAP.
Lyrics by Geoffrey Dicker, ASCAP.

(C) (P) 2010 The Underground Recording Company.

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