Male Bonding live at Bowery Ballroom

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Male Bonding

On September 29, 2010, London punk trio Male Bonding opened for California surf-pop band Best Coast and stole the show.  Every song was super fast and made you want to just dance your ass off until you are physically unable to body slam anymore.  As my long time readers know I actually hate it when that happens at shows, but I lucked out and the crowd was well behaved in the front row. I definitely think it stemmed from two things: the audience was unfamiliar with the music and it was an odd choice as an opening band for Best Coast.  Regardless, I loved it and I am really looking forward to getting their album “Nothing Hurts.”  At the show, the vocals were drowned out by the music, but it actually worked out fine.  Instrumentally, the band was so great.  Drummer Robin Christian played the shit out of them, bassist Kevin Hendrick had a Kurt Cobain vibe going on and guitarist John Webb and his tattooed self was a treat for both my ears and eyes.  I loved it!  I met 2 out of 3 members after the gig and I complimented them both on their awesome performance.  They were both extremely cool.  Looking forward to hearing more great things to come from Male Bonding.

See the set list after the jump.  Thanks to John Webb for it!

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