An Encounter with Jon Schnepp

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Photos by G.  Art by Jon Schnepp.

Jon Schnepp and Geoffrey Dicker

Jon Schnepp and Geoffrey Dicker

Jon Schnepp is a funny mthr fkr!  He’s an American producer, director, actor, editor, writer and cinematographer.  You might recognize his voice as Gary the Dairy Fairy on “Aqua Teen Hunger Force.”  He also created the looks of all 5 characters on “Metalocalpyse,” an animated series about the world’s most popular death metal band, Dethklok.  The show is beyond hilarious, even if death metal is not your cup of tea.  When I met him the other night, I got the opportunity to express my joy from an episode of “Metalocalpyse” where the expression “Hamburger Time” is used in place of the word “death.”  He was extremely cool and by the end of our conversation, my sides hurt from laughing so hard.

He has two works of art on display at the “Tiny Trifecta” show at The Cotton Candy Machine located at 235 South 1st Street in Brooklyn.  One of the works is pictured below.  Thanks again for being such a great guy and for endless laughs!  You can read an interview Jon Schnepp did with Worley Gig at this link.

Jon Schnepp

"3 Pals" by Jon Schnepp

Hamburger Time!

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A few months ago, The Worley Gig introduced me to the world of Metalocalypse.  This show, which airs on Adult Swim, is about a speed-metal group called Dethklok who are the biggest band in the world. The characters are the embodiments of every rock and roll stereotype you can imagine and that makes for side-splitting scenarios.  The clip you are about to see shows the band in a meeting where one member finds out he might die.  Rather than use the word “death,” they request to come up with something softer, so they choose the phrase “Hamburger time” to be used in the place of “death.”  I have been laughing about this for weeks, so I felt compelled to share it with you.  After you are finished watching the clip, head on over to the Worley Gig to read Gail’s interview with Jon Schnepp, the director of this amazing show.

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