An Encounter with Joss Stone

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Joss Stone and Geoffrey Dicker

Joss Stone and Geoffrey Dicker

Thank God I bring my camera places and take photos because otherwise, half of the stuff I tell people sounds like it’s made up.  New York has so many fun things going on all at the same time, I could clone myself and still not be able to do all the things this city has to offer.  Though, I really TRY!  On an epic night where I met Duran Duran and saw them perform at an uber-secret show, I was bummed that I missed seeing Joss Stone perform as she performed across town at the same time; however, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.  I stopped by after the show and was able to meet Joss as she came out to greet fans.  Joss was super nice and I love that we are wearing nearly matching outfits.  It was close to 100 degrees around midnight!  Yikes! Thanks for being so cool Joss and for being a part of such a great night for me!

Shepard Fairey Designs Superheavy Album Cover

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Photo by G.  Art by Shepard Fairey.



How do you make the supergroup Superheavy’s album even bigger?  Get Shepard Fairey to design the album cover.  The band features Mick Jagger, Dave Stewart of Eurythmics, Joss Stone, Damien Marley and A.R. Rahman.  I listened to a preview copy a few weeks ago and I didn’t really care for the record.  Production values are great, but I don’t care for Joss Stone’s diva vocals mixed with a rough sounding Mick Jagger to a reggae beat.  I am open to seeing the album performed live, however.  What are your thoughts?  Let us know when the album is officially released on September 20, 2011 – my birthday!  That’s Superheavy!

Joss Stone live at Nine West Shoe Store

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Joss Stone

I’ve never been the biggest fan of singer Joss Stone and tonight’s extravaganza at the Nine West Shoe Store in New York didn’t really do much to sway me over to the other side.  Apparently, Joss Stone has designed a line of shoes for the store, but it wasn’t very clear exactly what she was doing performing at a shoe store.  What was clear was the super exclusive party had free snacks and drinks, so it wasn’t a total waste.  Stone kept the packed to capacity store waiting for well over an hour after her scheduled performance time and when she hit the stage for a paltry 3 song acoustic set, the sweatty crowd was very nonplussed.  I will say, I had a great time, but I think it was primarily due to the observances of things like people trying on shoes during the performance, running into Sammi Sweetheart from the show Jersey Shore, imagining how one’s career goes from singing at awards shows to performing in a shoe store, oggling one of the most gorgeous guys I’ve ever seen (who was serving drinks) and also trying to think of the one song I have heard from Joss Stone.  As of press time, I still have no idea.

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