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Photo by G.



The Judas Priest font is Radballs!

Ryan Humphrey – Early American

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Photos by G.  Art by Ryan Humphrey.

Judas Priest by Ryan Humphrey.

DCKT Contemporary at 195 Bowery in New York is presenting a really cool exhibit of American artist Ryan Humphrey’s latest work.  The exhibit is called Early American and looks like what you’d see if Banksy designed the interior of a house.  I loved this exhibit as the objects were brilliantly crafted and each piece brought a smile to my face.  In Early American, you’ll see “Good Gay,” the Judas Priest logo over a gay pride rainbow flag, interesting tables, chairs, mirrors and my absolute favorite piece – a mashup of the Beatles and Slayer!  DCKT Contemporary is open from Tuesday through Sunday from 11 am to 6 pm and Early American runs through June 20, 2010.  Don’t miss it!

Beatles for sale?

Some more images from this fabulous exhibit after the jump.

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