Soda Shop live by Jay Brannan

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Video by G.

As you will see below, this video of Jay Brannan singing “Soda Shop” will serve as proof as to why you should go see him perform every time he comes to your town.  He’s funny, his songs are great and man oh man is he gorgeous!


An Encounter with Jay Brannan

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Photo taken with my hand.

Jay Brannan and G

As you can clearly see from this picture, Jay Brannan is not just a talented singer and actor, but he’s friggin’ gorgeous too!  I’ve been lucky enough to meet Jay several times in the past, including one time when he was sitting in the front row when I read from my book, Sketches of Verbal Alchemy.  I finally recovered from that night and then I saw Jay again on July 13, 2010 and it will probably take me years to get over the fact that he put his arm around me as you can see above.  (I’m only half-serious, as the lead singer of Delphic, Kele from Bloc Party and those two hot musicians from the band Stornoway have also placed their hands in that spot – and recently, I might add.  What a lucky neck I have!).  When I arrived at Ars Nova to see Jay Brannan perform, he was leaving to go get some food and he recognized my face immediately.  Just to be arrogant for a hot second, who wouldn’t remember this cute little punim?!  Jay was super nice as always and he autographed his debut CD “Goddamned” for me as well as a picture I had taken with him at a show of his that I attened before I started blogging.  He asked if I wanted him to “write on these” and since I was not really in the mood to utter my best come-on line, I said yes.  If you’ve not had the pleasure of seeing Jay Brannan live, after I post a video of him singing “Soda Shop,” you’ll become a repeat customer.  Thanks again Jay for being so cool and I’ll see you later in my dreams.  Did I just say that out loud?

See some more pictures of the hotness that is Jay Brannan performing at Ars Nova in New York after the jump!

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