Video: “Anyone’s Ghost” live by The National

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The National.  New York.  Terminal 5.  “Anyone’s Ghost.”  Live.  Enjoy!

Suckers live at Terminal 5

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Quinn Walker of Suckers

Brooklyn based band (say that 3 times fast) Suckers opened for the National at New York’s Terminal 5 on July 29, 2010.  This was my first exposure to their music, but I’ve been reading about them in the blogosphere for quite a while.  The indie rock quartet got the crowd ready to rock.  Lead singer Quinn Walker hit some high notes that would make Janis Joplin proud and one song featured whistling that Peter Bjorn and John would be in awe of.  Hear them for yourself by downloading a free mp3 of Suckers’ “Easy Chairs” while supplies last.

The Suckers

Kurt Vile live at Terminal 5

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Kurt Vile

I’ve been reading about Kurt Vile in the blogosphere for a long time and I knew at some point I’d see him live, so like I tend to do, I was waiting for him to walk out on a stage in front of my eyes to hear his music for the first time.  That moment happened on July 29, 2010 when Kurt Vile opened for The National at New York’s Terminal 5 and I loved what I heard.  Based on his name, I thought his music would be crude, but it was actually rock with a little bit of psychedelic folk mixed in.  I definitely heard some Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan moments and according2g, that’s a good thing!  Vile’s backing band is called the Violators and I think that makes him even more awesome!  You can download a free mp3 to “Invisible: Nonexistent” by clicking here while supplies last.

Kurt Vile and the Violators

Video: “Dancing on my Own” live by Robyn

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There’s rumours that Lady Gaga and Robyn will perform together on “The Gays Think We’re Jesus Tour,” but until that day comes, here’s a video of Robyn performing “Dancing on my Own” at a very exclusive concert in New York on July 29, 2010.  Thanks again to Sheena Beaston for the hookup!

The National live at Terminal 5

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Matt Berninger of The National

On July 29, 2010, Ohio’s The National played a sold out show at Terminal 5 in New York to celebrate Spin Magazine’s 25th anniversary.  The National hit the stage around 10:30 after Kurt Vile and Suckers (more on both bands coming soon).  The band has been around since 2001 and this was my first time seeing them live.  The post-punk/indie band played both of their Barack Obama inspired songs “Mr. November” and “Fake Empire” as well as my favorite “Anyone’s Ghost.”  A video of that song will be forthcoming, so stay tuned.  I am merely one person with tons of experiences to write about!  Lead singer Matt Berninger has a fun stage disposition where he is pretty subtle about getting into it, but when he finally lets loose, it’s hard not to watch with a smile.  The audience loved every minute of the show, not only for the music and the crowd sing-a-longs, but perhaps because we were treated to seeing them perform at a much smaller venue than the last time they were in town, performing at Radio City Music Hall.  The National also played a generous portion of their latest record “High Violet,” and judging by the clouds of marijuana smoke that were all around the venue, I think that pretty much sums up the night.

The National

See two more pictures and the set list after the jump.

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