“Listen and Learn” by Jeremy Fish

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Photos by G. Art by Jeremy Fish.

"Listen and Learn" by Jeremy Fish. Now showing at Joshua Liner Gallery in NYC through July 16, 2011

There’s a lot going on in San Francisco artist Jeremy Fish’s latest exhibit “Listen and Learn” at the Joshua Liner Gallery in New York.  First off is the amazing work of Fish.  His works feature strange characters and whimsical colors.  The first room in the gallery has headphones under each work of art whereby you put them on and listen to a story about the work you are viewing.  The tales are told by various people including artists Ron English, Alex Pardee as well as Snoop Dogg and sometimes the stories are true and sometimes they are incredulous.

I spoke with Jeremy Fish at the opening and he said that he liked the idea of keeping the notion of storytelling alive because we live in the MTV short attention span generation.  When you enter the gallery, rather than the usual way where your eye is drawn to one painting and there are some works you might skip over because they don’t grab you on first glance, this exhibit gives each work an interesting story to discover.  You should also allow yourself plenty of time when you come to see this exhibit because there are around 30 works of art for you to view, listen and learn.

In the back room of the gallery, looks like a cross section of a tree house in a forest (complete with Astro-turf).  These works are a selection of an upcoming animation and installation project.  It’s also pretty cool as the walls are painted and there are also paintings on the walls.  It’s hard to tell from the above picture but in the center of the white circles are more of Jeremy Fish’s paintings.  Again, the exhibit is very cool and you shouldn’t miss it.  “Listen and Learn” by Jeremy Fish runs until July 16, 2011 at the Joshua Liner Gallery (located at 548 West 28th Street, 3rd Floor) in New York.

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Owl City and Mat Kearney live at Roseland Ballroom

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Photos by G.

Adam Young of Owl City

Who doesn’t love free tickets to a show?  I won passes to see Owl City and Mat Kearney perform at New York’s Roseland Ballroom on June 23, 2011.  Not knowing anything about either band prior to setting foot inside the venue, I will say this, neither band moved me at all, but I am easily entertained.  Owl City was the main act and they are a synth-pop band.  I had no idea until I got home that they play contemporary Christian Music.  Well that explains the drunken emo hipsters that were standing near me!  Owl City had good lighting and their songs are somewhat catchy – if not totally emo, but I think I am more of a Led Zeppelin kinda guy.  I am sad that I didn’t know what style of music I was in for because I could have engaged in some great conversations during the intermission.  Oh well.

Mat Kearney

Mat Kearney

I enjoyed Mat Kearney’s opening set a bit more than Owl City.  His songs, though completely derivative and unoriginal were slightly more catchy to me than Owl City.  His songs have that alt rock/folk sound that we’ve all heard a million times.  One thing I did like was in the middle of one song, he did a freestyle rap (which kind of came out of nowhere) that included lyrics about him performing at Roseland Ballroom and the shitty weather New York had today.  Again, it was certainly not the worst thing I’ve ever seen because he can definitely sing and his band sounded good.  I completely see why his music could be popular – because the masses are drones of kids who don’t know any better and haven’t discovered “the classics” yet.  Final analysis:  glad I went for free.

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