Morons by Kai

Posted by The G on September 16, 2010 under Encounters with G, Street Art | Comments are off for this article

Photos by G (except where noted).  Art by Kai.

Morons - Foolish Choice by Kai.

On my recent working/vacation to Los Angeles, I was very excited to check out the latest in the world of street art.  I’ll be posting my findings in the coming days and weeks, so please be patient.  One of the rulers of the streets at the moment is Kai or Kaiaspire.  I saw the Marlboro-parody cigarette pack ads: Morons all over the streets of Los Angeles.  Of course, I loved this immediately.  Several blocks later, I discovered another image of Marlon Brando wearing the logo on a T-shirt.  Genius!

By breaking the main rule of not walking in LA, several blocks later, on a walk through the city, I ran into the artist! For obvious reasons, the artist did not want to show their face, but I was allowed to have the following photo taken:

Kai and G. Photo by Bill G.

Thanks Kai!  Keep up the great work!  Would love to see you around in the Big Apple!

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