Katy Perry Has Four Moustaches

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Katy Perry has a moustache x4

Katy Perry has a moustache.

Katy Perry has a moustache.

Katy Perry has no talent.

Katy Perry has a moustache.

Katy Perry has a moustache.

One of the above statements cannot be seen from the above picture, but all statements are true.¬† ūüôā

Want to Smell Like Katy Perry?

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Purr by Katy Perry - Out Now

I thought this was a joke when I walked by this sign the other day! ¬†Obviously since I don’t think Katy Perry has any talent, it was low on my priority list to research this image. ¬†Well, sure enough, it’s true. ¬†You can smell like Katy Perry. ¬†“Purr” by Katy Perry is available exclusively at Nordstrom. ¬†That store doesn’t exist in Manhattan so it makes perfect sense there are adverts for it plastered across the city. ¬†I haven’t had a chance to smell the scent, but I am willing to bet it smells like tuna. ¬†If you take off the double Rs, from “Purr,” what are you left with? P.U.

See Katy Perry Perform In New York For Free!

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Win Katy Perry Tickets on www.windowsphone.com

I’m not going to lie. ¬†I think singer Katy Perry is talent free. ¬†I’ve only been subjected to a few of her songs thankfully. When I finally heard her smash hit “California Gurls,” I literally lost faith in humanity. Why I am I writing about her you ask? ¬†When the worlds of street art and propaganda unite, According2g.com likes to visit that intersection from time to time.

Katy Perry is doing a free show at Roseland Ballroom on November 8, 2010 and you can get tickets for free by visiting Windows Phone dot com. Since I know that no one ever clicks on the external links I so kindly go out of my way to provide, you can open a new browser and type in the URL ya damn self if you want to go see her.

Will Cotton talks about Katy Perry

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HD Video by G.

We all have the HFA to thank for telling me about this fabulous event where artist Will Cotton talked about his career, posed for a photo with yours truly and even mentioned his recent collaboration with Katy Perry.  Awesomeness times 4!

Enjoy another happy famous artist by clicking “play.” ¬†It’s that easy!

An Encounter with Will Cotton

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Will Cotton and G

On September 21, 2010, I saw the wonderful artist Will Cotton¬†give a lecture about his life and career at Christie’s in New York. ¬†Prior to the speech, I met the artist and he was super cool. ¬†For those who don’t know the work of Will Cotton, he paints images of surreal candy landscapes! ¬†His paintings look like actual photos and most of them are enormous in size. ¬†His speech was very interesting as he took us through a brief history of his career and showed us some behind the scenes pictures of the maquettes he creates to make his paintings. ¬†As most of his paintings consist of pastries, candy, pin-up models and ice cream – the photos he showed us were very interesting! ¬†Through his love of these confections, he’s become quite a baker (and is looking into future installations combining his two loves).¬† Most recently, he painted the cover of singer Katy Perry’s new album “Teenage Dream.” ¬†Yes, the cover is not a photograph but a Will Cotton painting! ¬†(I’m imagining all of you out there pulling out your Katy Perry album and exclaiming “holy s#$!” at this moment).¬† I took a video of Will talking about his experiences working with Katy Perry, so stay tuned for that! ¬†Thanks again Will for the insight into your wonderful world.

Will Cotton

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