Video: “Something” (Beatles Cover) Live and Acoustic by Atlas Genius

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HD Video by G.

On August 20, 2013 (a month to the day before my birthday), I was treated to an early present as I got to see the brothers Jeffery or Atlas Genius perform a very intimate acoustic set on the top of the Thompson LES Hotel!  The video you are about to see is dark, but what matters most is the sound, because this acoustic cover of “Something” by The Beatles is AWESOME!

Let me set the scene for you – it’s a gorgeous (though slightly warm) summer night in New York.  We’re on the 7th floor roof deck and in the background , we can see a breathtaking view with the Manhattan skyline.  Around 9 pm, Keith Jeffery, the lead singer of the band, performed for around 30 minutes playing tracks off Atlas Genius’ awesome debut CD “When It Was Now,” including “If So,” “Don’t Make A Scene,” “All These Girls,” “Trojans,” and “Something.”  As the set was acoustic, drummer Mike Jeffery got to relax and enjoy the gig from the crowd.  After it was over he said, “this was the easiest show I’ve ever played.” Ha!  Thanks again to Atlas Genius for a great night!  If you are new to discovering Atlas Genius’ music, head over to their website (link is above) and you can download a free mp3 (for a limited time) by signing up on their mailing list.  Do it!   And now, press play to enjoy “Something.”

An Encounter with Atlas Genius

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Photo by Atlas Genius’ friend.

Keith and Michael Jeffrey of Atlas Genius and Geoffrey Dicker

Michael Jeffery and Keith Jeffery of Atlas Genius and Geoffrey Dicker

Hot new band alert!  And I mean that in every sense of the word!  Australian indie dance pop band Atlas Genius are poised to take over the charts and I am really digging their music.  Their debut album “When it Was Now” has just been released and I recommend you check it out.   If you like Two Door Cinema Club or Foster The People, this band is for you!  You can, for a limited time, download an acoustic version of their soon to be hit “If So” on the band’s official website.  Sweetening the pot for me to fall in love with Atlas Genius is the fact that the band consists of the Jeffery brothers and when I met them, I couldn’t wait to chat with them about our names (even though the spellings are different). Atlas Genius were extremely nice and were impressed that I had their CD which came out yesterday.  You know how I roll.  Atlas Genius is playing a pair of sold out shows in New York this week and will be back in June.  Looking forward to the brothers Jeffery becoming huge!  Thanks guys and for the record, that was the best Jeffery (Geoffrey) sandwich I’ve ever been in!

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