An Encounter with Kevin Barnes of Of Montreal

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Photo taken with my hand.

Kevin Barnes, lead singer of Of Montreal and G

This is like deja vu!  One year ago to the day, I saw Of Montreal perform.  A mere 365 days later, the band is back to perform on the same day!  I love their music a lot as it literally meanders from genre to genre in the span of a few minutes.  Every song takes you on a journey of multiple styles and it seems that with each listen, you discover more and more layers of music.  I didn’t have such a great time at their show last year, not because of the band – they rocked, but because I was standing in the middle of a bunch of dopey (literally) kids who decided to body slam each other in the front row.  That’s not my scene!  When I met Of Montreal’s lead singer Kevin Barnes, I was curious to see if he’d be as meandering and random as the wonderful music he makes, and he was extremely nice and very soft-spoken.  It was quite a nice surprise!  It’s also nice to see that Of Montreal is finally starting to gain some momentum in getting their music out there to the masses.  Let’s see what happens in another 365 days!  Thanks again Kevin!

Of Montreal Live At Terminal 5

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All photos by G.

Kevin Barnes of Of Montreal.

Kevin Barnes of Of Montreal.

I really hope you like these photos of Of Montreal as your favorite blogger G was nearly trampled to death trying to take these for you. Of Montreal, named after lead singer Kevin Barnes’ failed romance with a woman from the city, have been around since 1997.  Recently, the wannabe-hipster-i’ve-got a-fake-ID-so-let’s-get-wasted crowd got wise to this band and the audience at Terminal 5 in New York City was rowdy, unruly, and worst of all, moshing!  Of Montreal’s music is like a cross between the Scissor Sisters, MGMT and Frank Zappa!  They had cool visuals, random weirdos in costumes as backup dancers and their stage presence is as meandering as their music, but a good time was still had.

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