Modern Day Zelig: An Accidental Encounter with Kim Kardashian

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Paparazzi Photos.

Kim Kardashian.  G Cameo in the top right corner.

Kim Kardashian. G Cameo in the top right corner.

In case you needed more proof that I am a modern day Zelig, who is always at the right place at the right time, here’s another one for ya!  Yesterday I was out and about in SoHo with a friend when all of a sudden, we saw a TON of paparazzi on the street about to strike.  As I am no stranger to these types of scenes, we decided to see who it was.  It turned out to be Kim Kardashian.  What a let down!!!!  I thought it was going to be someone really good.  You can see the look of disappointment in my face in these paparazzi shots that ended up on the interweb.  Pretty funny.

Kim Kardashian.  G looks on in horror on the right

Kim Kardashian. G looks on in horror on the right

It’s no secret that I think Kim Kardashian has absolutely ZERO talent and should not be famous AT ALL, let alone be the subject of international headlines every day, but I will say this – being subjected to that much paparazzi is almost as vile as her being famous enough to warrant that much.   There is no doubt in my mind that these kinds of scum of the earth (and those that enable this behavior by reading gossip sites and supporting these people are equally as guilty) will be responsible for someone’s death just for a picture.  These paparazzi were SCREAMING at passersby on the street to move out of the way with profanity and when Kim K. walked out of the building, it felt unsafe because there was so much chaos going on, a wise criminal could easily slip in and slip out after causing some sort of damage.

It’s a matter of time.  You can quote me on that.

LA – Save the Date – Xvala Presents “The Kim Kardashian Party”

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Photo courtesy of Xvala.

The Kim Kardashian Party. March 17, 2012

Los Angeles.  Once in a lifetime does an event this epic come along, so whatever you are doing on March 17, 2012 – cancel it immediately because here’s where you need to be:  1460 Naud Street for Xvala’s “the Kim Kardashian Party.”

Here’s more on the event:

Fear Google artist XVALA will be exhibiting his latest collection of work created from trash found while “dumpster-diving” through the trash bins of Kim Kardashian. The Kim Kardashian Party exhibit will feature his latest sculpture of the celebrity’s emotionlessly deflated basketball and will be held at a rooftop event in Los Angeles this weekend.

“Slammed and Dunked,” a life-size fabricated sculpture of the basketball salvaged from the celebrity’s residential trash, was primarily inspired by Kardashian’s recent failed marriage to NBA star Kris Humphries and the questioned authenticity of their acclaimed marriage.

The sculpture was created out of a ‘recycled resin’ formulated from remaining leftover garbage that was also collected from the Kardashians’ trash bin. Also, a part of the collection is candid mobile phone self-portraits of the reality star that she took for Twitter and Instagram, which are backed with aluminum, also partially recycled from her personal garbage. “By deleting everything that reveals who she really is, Kim Kardashian actually reveals her true self,” said XVALA, “You can always learn something about someone by looking at their garbage, and Kim produces a lot of garbage.”

The Karsdashian trash sculpture is the latest installment in a series of work created from the dumpster-diving of tech icons and celebrities worldwide in order to retrieve information and material in support of XVALAs vision. Through this process, XVALA has become a local hero for tech junkies due to his recent coverage and success in the media for dumpster-diving Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Apple’s Steve Jobs, who passed away a day after the release of his personal trash.

XVALA is an American artist whose stated goal is to “disappear from the Internet.” His “Fear Google” sticker (first appearing in Silicon Valley and now appearing nationwide) is the first street art sticker designed for the “Post-PC Era.” It launched in 2010, the same year as Apple’s iPad and other Post-PC devices. XVALA‘s street works, paintings, sculptures, drawings, and Internet ideas point to society’s growing inability to disconnect from the Internet.

The upcoming The Kim Kardashian Party rooftop event is located 1460 Naud St. Los Angeles, CA 90012. The event is curated by Wil Atkinson and JB Jones of The Site UnScene. The Site UnScene works and promotes artists in the Los Angeles area in new and unique ways.

Kim Kardashian – A Waste of a Human Life

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Photo by G.

Kim Kardashian - Waste of a Human Life

Kim Kardashian - Waste of a Human Life

It’s not my style to talk shit, but because I am exposed to this tuna when I walk out on the street, here’s my 2 cents:

I don’t watch TV so I actually have no idea what Kim Kardashian is famous for.  I am being 100% serious.  From the photos I’ve seen, I assume she’s popular because she has big tits, has probably shown her pussy to the world somehow and is pumped full of collagen and has been under the knife at least once (but probably many times).  What I do know is that she spent a ton of money on her wedding – 10 Million Dollars in fact.  The E! Network apparently fed into it and paid $14 Million to air a special about it.  The media is equally to blame for giving her ANY air time, but that’s the society we live in.  Put it on TV and people will watch.  Why doesn’t someone just video tape a big pile of dog shit and put that on the air.  I’d personally rather look at that for 30 minutes.  It would probably smell better too.

In a time when it’s been made abundantly clear that homosexual marriage is not happening across the board any time soon, how dare this waste of a human life have the nerve to announce her divorce 72 days into her marriage?!  If you don’t want to make gay marriage legal, fine. Why don’t they make divorce illegal?  If you make a dumb decision – tough shit!  Think it through next time.  That would put an end to all this crap once and for all.

Of course I personally think the idea of marriage IN ANY WAY is absolutely ridiculous – tradition or not –  because the second you put a label on an infinite concept such as “love,” you’ve just made it finite, but that’s a discussion for another time.

Back to Kim Kardashian.  I am going to have to be exposed to hearing about her so much now, and believe me, I try SO hard not to look at or listen to mainstream media, but when you live in a walking city such as New York, you cannot help it.  I resent a person that could have easily spent less on herself (when we are talking millions for a 1 day event) and donated the money to people, charities, groups that could have really used that money.  People like Kim Kardashian are actually making the world worse!  And anyone that supports them is enabling their bad behavior to continue!

Though people will give the excuse that they watch her TV program because “it’s like a train wreck,” that is the LAMEST excuse in the book.  I personally think that watching a train-wreck hurts my heart and I don’t want any part of it.  That’s the only way these people will lose their sponsorships – DON’T SUPPORT THEM IN ANY WAY.  Don’t read websites that mention these types of people on a regular basis.  Don’t buy magazines that feature these people and don’t waste your valuable time and money by paying to see these people on the big or small screen.  The only way for this to work is a 100% total boycott of offenders.  Any support you give these outlets is the approval they need to continue.  Change starts with you!

Think for yourselves, people!

A revolution is coming!


Kim Kardashian’s Fat Ass Is Fashion Week

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Photo by G.  Art by NOBODY.

Kim Kardashian's Fat Ass Is Fashion Week - Banksy

Kim Kardashian's Fat Ass Is Fashion Week - Banksy

Nobody Knows Banksy’s role in this statement:  Kim Kardashian’s Fat Ass Is Fashion Week.

Kim Kardashian's Ass Is Fashion Week

Kim Kardashian's Ass Is Fashion Week

Want To Smell Like Tuna?

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Photo by G.

Kim Kardashian's New Fragrance - Tuna. Available at Sephora.

Have you ever eaten a can of tuna and said “gee, I wish I could smell like this all day long?”  Well now is your chance!

The non-talented, non-celebrity Kim Kardashian has a new fragrance out that is available at Sephora.  From the poster it looks like the perfume is called “KK” but I am just going to call it “Tuna.”

Have you smelled it?  Tell us your thoughts, fishy or not!

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