Homo Riot – Prints, Stickers for Sale

Posted by The G on June 6, 2011 under Street Art | Comments are off for this article

Photo by G.  Art by Homo Riot.

Homo Riot

Homo Riot

Like me, you probably can’t get enough of the art of Homo Riot.  Los Angeles is extra lucky because you can pretty much take a drive anywhere and see his work on the streets, but for the rest of us, we are not as fortunate.  If you want to own your own piece of Homo Riot, today is your lucky day!

You can B A Homo and get stickers and/or prints from Homo Riot.

Sticker packs and prints can be purchased on The Site Unscene Shop.

You can also purchase different prints from Homo Riot at Maximillian Gallery’s official site.  In addition to prints by Homo Riot, they are featuring limited edition prints from all of the artists (Alec Monopoly, Free Humanity, SmogCity, Bankrupt Slut, Gregory Siff, 2wenty, Snyder, KH no. 7, Desire Obtain Cherish, Cyrcle & DD$, Bod Bod, DeeKay and Smear) in the “What Graffiti is to New York Street Art is to Los Angeles” exhibit (which is showing until the end of June 2011) at the Sunset Marquis Hotel in LA.

What are you waiting for?  B A Homo!

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