Kings of the Impossible at Kleio Projects

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Photos by G.

Yasmina Alexandra Nysten - Good Day for An Apocalypse

Kleio Projects in New York has a really cool exhibit that is currenty showing called “Kings of the Apocalypse.” (Yes, that is a ‘Flash Gordon’ reference!)  The exhibit is a mixed media presentation of painting and photography and the pieces included are really cool.  When I attended the opening recently, I was fortunate enough to get photos of 3 of the artists in front of their works!  And what great art it is.  Special thanks to the artists pictured above and below for making great stuff and for being super cool for posing for me.

Kleio Projects is located at 153 1/2 Stanton Street in New York.

Ian Dalune - Blood, Milk and Sky (The Asphyxia), Into the light of a dark black night

Dima Drjuchin - Temple of the Rabbit God

An Encounter With Artist Dima Drjuchin

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Photos by G.  Art by Dima Drjuchin.

Dima Drjuchin and G

I’ve really been digging artist Dima Drjuchin’s work for a while and I was delighted to meet him at the opening for a group exhibition at Kleio Projects in New York, where two of Dima’s works are prominently featured.  In addition to making really great art, he’s also a musician and plays in the indie-folk band Corrupt Autopilot.  They’ve just released an album which can be heard and purchased here.  There is nothing this guy cannot do and I am pleased to report that he was extremely nice when we chatted about street art, music and Carl Sagan being an asshole.  It turns out, he was one after all! It’s also Dima’s birthday today, so I’d like to wish him many happy returns on this special day.  Thanks again Dima!  Looking forward to hearing and seeing more great things from you.

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