NY: Save The Date – “Knitting is For Pus***” Closing Party

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Photo by G.  Art by Olek.

Knitting is For Pussies Closing Party

Knitting is For Pussies Closing Party: May 27, 2011 at Christopher Henry Gallery in New York (from 6 to 9 pm)

All great things have to come to an end sooner or later.  When the Christopher Henry Gallery launched Polish artist Olek’s exhibit “Knitting is For Pus***” nearly a year ago, Olek took the art world by storm – and then crocheted it!  The exhibit features a studio apartment in which every object has been crocheted and it’s one of the most unique exhibits you’ll ever see.  It was written up by Time Out NY, VOGUE Italy, PAPER, Village Voice, Details, M Magazine Gallery Guide, The Daily News, StylelikeU, NBC News, LX Taxi TV, NHK Japan, The Miami Herald, Complex, Juxtapoz, and countless blogs. Olek will also be featured in an upcoming issue of New York Magazine, as part of a special Interior Design issue.

Your final chance to see this exhibit in New York will be on May 27, 2011 at the Christopher Henry Gallery (located at 127 Elizabeth Street) from 6 to 9 pm.  If you are like me and will be out of town for a party that is sure to be one for the record books, it will be included in a traveling museum show opening at the Smithsonian in 2012!

Olek on NBC News at 5

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Video courtesy of Olek and NBC.

NBC News at 5 from olek on Vimeo.

On February 4, 2011, I was fortunate enough to have another chance to step inside the crocheted world of Polish artist Olek. Olek’s exhibit “Knitting is for Pus***” is currently on display at the Christopher Henry Gallery (located at 127 Elizabeth Street in New York).  The exhibit was supposed to be on view for one month last August, but due to overwhelming popularity, the exhibit has traveled across the United States and has been written about on nearly every important art site across the globe.  As you’ll see in the above video, Olek crocheted the contents of an apartment built inside the Christopher Henry Gallery and it’s incredible!  I’ve had the opportunity to wear Olek’s crocheted body suits before and every time I’ve done so, I’ve had an amazing experience.

For this adventure (as you’ll see in the clip), I wore a blue body suit.  My instructions were to hang out in the apartment and get some ironing done while Olek was being interviewed.  No problem.  Once the NBC crew showed up, we were given a new assignment:  go outside in 20 degree weather and spread the colorful message of crotchet to the people we passed on the street.  Was it freezing outside?  Yes.  Was it an experience I’ll never forget? Yes.  Would I do it again?  Hell yes!  Thanks again Olek!

Video: Olek on Polish TV

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As I’ve said previously, 2011 is the year of Olek!  The Polish born artist has conquered New York and is set to take over the world!  Her exhibit “Knitting is for Pus***” at the Christopher Henry Gallery has been written up by just about every art blog and magazine and has been featured on news programs across the globe.  Recently, I wore one of Olek’s crocheted bodysuits for a feature on Polish TV.  You can see the clip below.  The video is in Polish and at the end of the clip, they reference the day that Olek took over Wall Street.  You can see that clip by clicking on the hyperlink in the second sentence of this story.  By the way, in the video I’m the one wearing the green outfit, fixing my hair, because it’s a personal rule to look stylish under any circumstance!  You can step inside the wonderful world of Olek on her official website.

2011 is the Year of Olek

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Photos (except where noted) and all art by Olek.

Chillin' in Olek's world.

Last summer, Polish born and New York based artist Agata Olek had an exhibit at the Christopher Henry Gallery in Manhattan entitled “Knitting is For Pus***.”  The exhibit featured a miniature apartment in which every object inside was crocheted!  You can see a bit of the apartment in the above picture.  The exhibit was supposed to last for one month and due to overwhelming demand it kept getting extended.  In fact, you still have a chance to see the exhibit (so go to 127 Elizabeth Street in Manhattan ASAP!).  As the exhibit gained popularity, Olek and her unique art have been featured in magazines and on TV channels across the world.

And then she went viral.  On Christmas Eve, Olek left a gift for the citizens of New York. If you haven’t seen this video of Olek crocheting an outfit on the bull that presides over Wall Street, you’re about to fall in love….

I had the great fortune of wearing Olek’s crocheted outfits on two occasions last year (one of those occasions resulted in a really cool photo shoot for an article that appeared in Paper Magazine) and 2011 marked occasion number three.  Olek did an interview for Polish TV today and I was there not only to catch the action, but to be the action!

Olek being interviewed for Polish TV

It ain't easy being green. That's me on the phone in Olek's world.

No visit with an artist or celebrity is complete without my infamous “take it with your hand” photo.

Olek and G

2011 is looking extremely bright for Olek and I am so pleased for her.  She’s tremendously talented and she’s one of the coolest people you could ever hope to meet.  Just remember, this is Olek’s world and we are just living in it!

An Encounter with Artist Olek

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Photo by Jason L.

Olek and G

Eat your heart out David LaChappelle!  I went to check out the must-see exhibit “Knitting is for Pus****” by Olek and to my great fortune, she was at the Christopher Henry Gallery (127 Elizabeth Street in New York) when I arrived.   We chatted about many things including Facebook, Los Angeles, and of course, I had the opportunity to tell her how incredible her work is!  The exhibit, which runs through October 17, 2010 has a miniature studio apartment on the ground floor of the gallery and every item inside is crocheted by Olek.  It’s so cool that you really have to see it to believe it!  When I asked to take a photo with her, she not only happily obliged, but I got to literally jump into her world and join her in the bathtub!  WOW!  As you can see from the above picture, we kept it G-rated.  Thanks to Jason L. for the wonderful photo and thanks to Olek for not only creating such great art, but for this picture that will entertain the masses for generations to come!

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