Lady Gaga Gives Up Twitter and Facebook For Charity

Posted by The G on November 28, 2010 under GNN | 3 Comments to Read

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Gaga to Twitter and Facebook: F. You!

Lady Gaga, Justin Timbermean and Usher have decided to give up Facebook and Twitter until Alicia Keys AIDS campaign Keep A Child Alive raises $1 Million starting November 30, 2010.

Let me chime in here and say a few things:  I hope Alicia Keys’ organization makes in excess of that bottom line figure they are hoping to raise because it’s a good cause.  Let me also say this:  I signed up for Twitter in November (and my name is @according2g, fyi) and aside from a couple of times when celebrities babble that they are blocks from my house and I go down and meet them, 99% of stuff found on Twitter is totally useless!   When Kylie Minogue, one of the most successful female singers outside the USA Tweets that a new T-shirt is available in her merch store online, the conclusions I draw are as follows – if that is indeed her tweeting, that is REALLY sad.  If it’s not her tweeting, I signed up to follow Kylie on Twitter, not her lame promotions team!  What good is it knowing after the fact that she was in my neighborhood and I could have gone to meet her if she’s only going to mention her location after she’s gone?!

Almost every tweet I’ve seen is shameless self promotion.  And on top of that, people are BEGGING for more “followers.”  If you notice, Twitter never uses the word “Leaders” in their jargon.  On occasion, I’ll see someone from one of my favorite websites tweeting about a subject I know everything about so I reply to their tweet with something I feel will engage us in a conversation and these people don’t write back!  So what I’ve surmised about Twitter is that it’s merely a tool to send your self-promoting message out with a “talk to the hand” attitude about engaging in “social” conversation.

For the people that follow me on Twitter, I give them a good show.  I come up with really funny stuff and usually when I tweet, I tweet 10 times in a row – and why?  Because I am one of the few people on this earth with something to say.  The next time you run down the list of people you follow on Twitter think about that.

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