“Chuck Close” at Pace Gallery in NYC

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Photos by G.  Art by Chuck Close.

Chuck Close at Pace

Chuck Close by Chuck Close

New York!  You’re definitely going to need to pay a visit to the Pace Gallery to see new works by Chuck Close.   The exhibit features recent paintings, prints, and tapestries, many of his famous friends.

Lou Reed - Chuck Close

Lou Reed tapestry by Chuck Close

If you don’t know much about Chuck Close’s life, you should definitely investigate as his life and times are as interesting as his works of art.  To briefly summarize, a spinal artery collapse left him paralyzed and his style changed as a result.  His earlier works looking more like the above photo of Lou Reed and his more recent output is stylized like the below painting of Lou Reed’s wife and fellow musician, Laurie Anderson.  Oh, and did I mention that Chuck Close has face blindness?

Laurie Anderson - Chuck Close

Laurie Anderson by Chuck Close

This exhibit runs through December 22, 2012 so you should not miss it!

Cindy Sherman - Chuck Close

Cindy Sherman by Chuck Close

Pace Gallery is located at 534 West 25th Street in New York.

An Encounter with Laurie Anderson

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Photo by G.

Laurie Anderson and Geoffrey Dicker

Laurie Anderson and Geoffrey Dicker

Last week, I had the great fortune to meet singer and performance artist Laurie Anderson.  She was at an art opening and I was surprised that she was not with her husband, the Velvet Underground’s Lou Reed.  Laurie signed my “Big Science” CD cover and was very cool.  A few moments later, much to my surprise, I saw Lou Reed walking up the street.  He’s one of my personal gods and unfortunately, I’ve had many disappointing encounters with the legend.  The curse was lifted that night as Lou signed my “Transformer” CD cover! I asked if he would mind taking a photo with me and he said “Yes.  I would mind.”  I didn’t press my luck any further and I thanked him for all the great music that has enriched my life.  Thanks again Laurie and Lou.  Though this experience happened last week, it has brought me daily smiles.

Happy Birthday, Lou Reed

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Photo by G.

Seated: Laurie Anderson and Lou Reed

Happy birthday to the Velvet Underground’s lead singer Lou Reed.  I love his music so much and unfortunately my encounters with the singer have not proven to be very positive. I love him anyway.  I’ll definitely listen to “Sunday Morning,” “Heroin,” “Rock and Roll,” “Perfect Day” and “Vicious” today in Lou’s honor.  Perhaps maybe old man grumpus will even crack a smile today!  Happy birthday Lou!

Even More Photos From The Mermaid Day Parade

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Photos by G.

You can see more images from The Mermaid Day Parade here and here!

After the jump, see proof that Lou Reed from the Velvet Underground is able to flex those muscles in his mouth and smiles!  There are some images that contain sea-nudity, so if you have a closed mind, do not read any further!

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Mermaid Day Parade (First Look)

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Photos by G.

White Darth Vader and G

There will be many more images from the Mermaid Day Parade in Coney Island, New York coming soon… but for now, enjoy a sneak peak of what’s to come.  After the jump, see parade grand marshalls Laurie Anderson and Lou Reed (in shorts!), my encounter with a green man, and most importantly – boobies!  (that image is NSFCMP – not safe for closed minded people), so beware!

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