M.I.A. is a L.I.A.R.

Posted by The G on June 28, 2010 under Encounters with G | 4 Comments to Read

Photo by G.


On June 26, 2010, I saw singer M.I.A. rehearsing for her “secret show” at the Creators Project launch party event at Milk Studios in New York.  Though I’ve heard her name being mentioned a lot in the blog-o-sphere a lot, I’d never heard her music before seeing her rehearsal (and I was thoroughly unimpressed with what I heard).  As soon as she walked off the stage, I asked to take a photo with her and she told me that because she wasn’t wearing any make-up (which judging by the above photo – it would not make any difference!), she would put on some make-up, be right back and come find me to take a photo with me.  Yeah right!

Let me just remind you M.I.A. that real superstars such as Keifer Sutherland, Amy Winehouse, Chris Martin, Lady Gaga and Mr. Brainwash were more than happy to oblige for a photo with a fan.  I completely understand that a famous personality does not owe a fan the time of day and in such cases, they can just refuse instead of lying and thinking that story wouldn’t end up on the internet.  Please feel free to forward, though I suspect that M.I.A.’s own name is a prediction of her own fate as to where she’ll end up in the universal mind with the music she makes.

M.I.A. is a L.I.A.R. and she has a permanent home in the According2g Hall of Shame.

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