Dev Hynes Loses All in Fire, Needs Your Help

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Devonte Hynes aka Dev aka Test Icicles aka Lightspeed Champion aka Blood Orange

Devonte Hynes aka Dev aka Test Icicles aka Lightspeed Champion aka Blood Orange

If you are in the giving spirit this holiday season, indie musician Dev Hynes (who records as Test Icicles, Lightspeed Champion and Blood Orange) could sure use your help.  He lost everything in an apartment fire, including old hard drives, tons of music he’s written and recorded and even his poor dog perished in the fire.  So tragic and sad.  I’ve lived through an apartment fire (luckily my ‘stuff’ was ok, though the same cannot be said about the building I’d lived in) and I can truly say it was one of the worst days of my life.  Massive hugs for a speedy recovery to Dev Hynes on this horrible tragedy that he’s going through.

So here’s where you can help – they’ve set up a GoFundYourself account to help Dev Hynes pick up the pieces.  The link is here, and awesomely, they’ve raised over $15,000 US within the first 24 hours.  Obviously rebuilding your life from scratch is quite expensive, so please give a thought to Dev this season and give what you can, no matter how small.

“He Doesn’t Know I’m Alive” by Lightspeed Champion

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The incomparable Lightspeed Champion performing a cover of Janet Jackson’s “He Doesn’t Know I’m Alive” from her “Control” album. Fkn amazing!  This video was taken during his triumphant opening set for We Are Scientists at the Music Hall of Williamsburg in New York on July 17, 2010.


Lightspeed Champion live at Music Hall of Williamsburg

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Lightspeed Champion

On July 17, 2010 Texas based British artist Devonte’ Hynes aka Dev aka Lightspeed Champion, opened for We Are Scientists at the Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, New York.  Dev, as he introduced himself to us, is really talented!  In addition to singing, he’s a producer, writer and author!  He’s written songs for Chemical Brothers, Basement Jaxx, Solange Knowles and Florence and The Machine and he also performs classical music!  Whoa!  His set was quite minimal with just him and a guitar and a sampler, but it was all that was necessary.  Dev has an amazing voice!  He even performed a really great cover of Janet Jackson’s “He Doesn’t Even Know I’m Alive,” which I took a video of and will be posting in the near future (so stay tuned for that!).  He slowed it down and it’s beautiful!  Dev confessed that the other night at a show in Boston, someone approached him after the show and told him that he sucked.  It was especially devastating to him as he mentioned that he planned on moving to Boston.  Lightspeed Champion did anything but suck when he performed in New York and the crowd loved every second!  The crowd lost their minds when We Are Scientists’ lead singer Keith Murray guested on stage and during the last song, Dev jumped into the audience, laid down in the middle of the floor and performed on his back!  It was awesome!  I met Dev prior to the show, and he was extremely nice! Looking forward to hearing more great stuff from Lightspeed Champion!  Thanks for a beautiful night Dev!

Devonte' Hynes aka Lightspeed Champion and G

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