Video: “West End Girls” live by Pet Shop Boys at Terminal 5

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HD Video by G.

As a die-hard Pet Shop Boys fan, it’s a sin (pun intended) to post a video of the song the world knows and loves the most from them – “West End Girls.”   Over the next few days, I hope you will join me in checking out 4 Pet Shop Boys videos from their recent show at Terminal 5 in New York at the final show of their 2014 US Electric Tour.  These videos will show you that if “West End Girls” is the only song you know from this duo, you are missing out on nearly 30 years of consistently great music.  The first video is from their 2009 album “Yes,” and the track is “Love Etc.”  The song is catchy as hell; the lyrics are cheeky and clever and the performance will definitely bring a smile to your face.

The Boys are huge in other parts of the world and in America, a country with famously bad taste in music, Pet Shop Boys have a cult following, but should be playing stadiums!  Artistically, their stage show has only gotten better with each tour (and you will see in a moment how they take a song like “West End Girls” which they’ve likely performed at every full length concert they’ve performed since 1985 and breathed new life into it by adding a laser light spectacular that would make Pink Floyd fans proud!).  Some of their living contemporaries – Prince and Madonna, for example, continue to make music, but it hasn’t been solid in years.  Conversely, Pet Shop Boys’ 2013 album “Electric” is up their with their best work.  It’s extremely impressive.  They’ve also continued to make great (and tons of) B-sides and their side projects include remixes (for other artists such as The Killers, MGMT and Madonna which are better than the original versions), composing and staging a musical, a ballet and they have also performed live with a symphony orchestra while STILL making banging dance tracks!!!! There are few, if any, artists that have been around for 30 years that have this set of accomplishments and again, in the United States, most people think of Pet Shop Boys as a one-hit-wonder.  It’s a tragedy!   So it’s up to you to spread the word.  I’ve done my part.  It’s your turn!

West.  End.  Girls.


Video: “You’re The One That I Want” (Grease Cover) live by Lo-Fang

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HD Video, photos and words by G.

Matthew Hemerlein aka Lo-Fang

Matthew Hemerlein aka Lo-Fang

Sometimes you CAN judge a book by its cover.  If the book in question is Matthew Hemerlein aka Lo-Fang, the ‘cover’ will be a musician that is so gorgeous that even if you end up hating his music (which I did not by the way, in fact, quite the opposite), you will have better visual candy than you would see from going to many art galleries.  Needless to say, Lo-Fang’s show at Bowery Ballroom on April 27, 2014 was great!  Before the night was over, Matthew played violin, cello, bass and guitar and I read on line that he also plays piano!  His music is moody and mellow (think Bon Iver meets Gotye) and he is not afraid to rework a beloved classic song or two and make them his own.  His take on Ginuwine’s “Pony” was really unexpected and great as was the song you are about to see – “You’re The One That I Want” from the movie Grease.  He turned the Olivia Newton-John/John Travolta duet into a gorgeous ballad that is sure to go viral.  Pop sensation Lorde enlisted Lo-Fang to open on her recent tour of the US and he performed on Good Morning America today.   The future is bright for Lo-Fang and I am looking forward to hearing more great things!   Thanks for a great show Matthew!

And now, here’s “You’re The One That I Want.”   Please share this with your friends and help make Lo-Fang a star!

Lo-Fang and Geoffrey Dicker 1

Matthew Hemerlein aka Lo-Fang and Geoffrey Dicker

Video: “Love Etc.” live by Pet Shop Boys

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HD Video, Photos and Words by G.

Neil Tennant of Pet Shop Boys - Terminal 5

Neil Tennant of Pet Shop Boys – Terminal 5

To say I love Pet Shop Boys is the understatement of the decade!  Their amazing show, The Electric Tour got a second life in America due to their performance a few weeks ago at Coachella, so the Boys swung back through New York’s Terminal 5 for a sold out show and the final date of their 2014 US tour on April 26, 2014.  The setlist was nearly identical to the first leg of the tour (aside from swapping out “Memory of The Future” off “Elysium” for “Love is a Bourgeois Construct” from “Electric”) but that didn’t stop the show from being as amazing as it was the first time around.  You can read my gushing reviews of their show here (for night one) and here (for night two).

I attended the meet and greet with the band and though they are still not into taking photos (read: please reconsider this for your next tour as a photo with you is what ALL of your fans that attend these meet and greets really want), but I had a great chat with Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe nonetheless.  I was wearing a G-Shirt that features the line “Being politically correct or discreet is lying” from my book “Sketches of Verbal Alchemy” and both Neil and Chris loved it.  They wanted to know more about the book so I gave them my card and I pray that they contact me so I can get them each a copy (or if they are out there reading this, it’s on :-)

Over the next few days, you’ll be seeing a few videos from the show and for the casual fan, if you think that Pet Shop Boys peaked with their worldwide smash hit “West End Girls,” you are sadly mistaken.  For close to 30 years, they’ve consistently made great albums, b-sides, plays, ballets, videos and tours that prove that the Pet Shop Boys just get better with time.

Pet Shop Boys, I love you… etc.

Speaking of Love Etc., here’s a video of the track from their genius 2009 album “Yes.”

Just press play.

The setlist was:

Axis / One More Chance – Face Like That / Opportunities (Let’s Make Lots of Money) / Love is a Bourgeois Construct / Fugitive / Integral / I Wouldn’t Normally Do This Kind of Thing / Suburbia / I’m Not Scared / Fluorescent / West End Girls / Somewhere / Leaving / Thursday / Love Etc. / I Get Excited (You Get Excited Too) / Rent / Miracles / It’s a Sin / Domino Dancing / Always on My Mind


Go West / Vocal

Video: “Victims” (Culture Club cover) live by Boy George

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HD Video, Photos and Words by G.

Boy George T-Shirts

Boy George T-Shirts

Oh Boy!  I have been blessed to see the legendary Boy George twice in the last 48 hours.

When I was young and impressionable (yes, can you believe there was a time when that was the case!) and when I had strange feelings that made me start to think “I wasn’t normal,” I had someone like Boy George who dressed as he wanted to, said what he wanted to and refused to compromise to look up to as a role model, and for that, I am so grateful!!!  From the earliest stages of his career to present day, Boy George does not give a fuck what you think and never minces words.  Those are two qualities that are I still admire to this day and I definitely live my life in that way.  There are a lot of haters out there (like people that have nothing better to do than go on and leave shitty comments, but THANK YOU for keeping me on the tip of your mind so passionately and for your patronage), so this is for you.  Imagine what you could achieve if you channel that hatred elsewhere into something productive?  So this song is for you -  the song of course is “Victims,” a Culture Club cover that Boy George performed at Irving Plaza in New York on April 22, 2014.   Put a little love in your heart.  You might be surprised!  xx

Press Play.

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Video: “In/Out” live by Dan Croll

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HD Video by G.

Dan Croll and Geoffrey Dicker

Dan Croll and Geoffrey Dicker

On April 17, 2014, New York experienced “Croll-chella” as Britain’s Dan Croll performed a sold out show at Bowery Ballroom.  I’m really into his debut album “Sweet Disarray,” which fuses folk and electronic music with rock accents (think Two Door Cinema Club meets Paul Simon).  Dan thanked the audience several times for purchasing his album instead of downloading it illegally, and he rewarded his fans by hanging out at the merch table after the show was over.  Very classy!  I’m looking forward to hearing more great things from Dan and you will be too after you press play on the below video for “In/Out” which will undoubtedly be stuck in your head for the rest of the day because it’s ridiculously catchy.  I’m glad to provide that service for you!  Great seeing you again Dan!  Support Dan Croll’s music by visiting his official website.

The setlist was:

Dan Croll Setlist Bowery Ballroom

Dan Croll Setlist Bowery Ballroom

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