“Leave The Lights On” Live by Mainland at The Chelsea Hotel

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If you aren’t already familiar with the 4 piece band Mainland, here’s a quick primer:  Jordan Topf, Corey Mullee, Alex Pitta and Dylan Longstreet have been making a splash on the New York rock scene, releasing two well received EPs, before taking a little break from touring to get signed to a major label and record their first full length album (in Los Angeles).  To celebrate the release of their upcoming single, which I am told will be out in about two weeks, Mainland played an intimate set at a pop-up space located in the historic Chelsea Hotel.  The scene looked like something out of an Andy Warhol film as the space was half art gallery, half living room and a whole lot of fun.  Their 45 minute set included a rockin’ cover of Velvet Underground’s “I Found a Reason,” and the video which you are about to see, the infectious party rock anthem “Leave The Lights On.”  Discover all you need to know about Mainland on their official site (link will open in a new window).

Now get ready to party… just by pressing play.


Video: “In The Name Of Love” live by Tom Bailey of Thompson Twins

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Tom Bailey 2014

Tom Bailey 2014

It has been 27 years since Tom Bailey of Thompson Twins has performed his classic songs, and as a huge fan of Thompson Twins, I am still in disbelief (and gratitude) that I can finally say that I’ve seen Tom Bailey perform!  Headlining the Retro Futura Tour, which included sets from 1980s music titans Katrina and the Waves, China Crisis, Midge Ure and Howard Jones, Tom Bailey of Thompson Twins paid that long awaited visit to the New York stage at Best Buy Theater on August 21, 2014.  Looking and sounding great, Tom played for about an hour and we were treated to the first live performances of nine classic Thompson Twins songs in almost three decades!  It was worth the wait as Tom played “Lies,” “Hold Me Now,” “You Take Me Up,” “Doctor! Doctor” “”King For A Day” (in a new, slower arrangement),  “Love on Your Side,” “Sister of Mercy,” “If You Were Here” and the hit that started it all, “In The Name Of Love,” which you are about to see a video of.  The intro, if you will, was an instrumental snatch from another classic, “We Are Detective,” and the show certainly whet our appetites for more live appearances from Tom Bailey as there was not time to hear classic songs such as “The Gap,” “Nothing In Common,” “Don’t Mess With Doctor Dream,” “Get That Love,” “Watching,” “Lay Your Hands on Me,” or anything from the two under-rated 1990s Thompson Twins albums “Big Trash” and “Queer.”  I met Tom and I asked if he was going to be coming back and he said he was uncertain, so please make sure you support this tour so we don’t have to wait another 27 years to see Tom Bailey perform!

And now…. “In The Name Of Love”…. YEAH!

Enjoy!  I sure did!!!


Tom Bailey and Geoffrey Dicker

Tom Bailey and Geoffrey Dicker

Great to meet you Tom!  I really hope I get to see you again!

Video: “No One Is To Blame” live by Howard Jones at the Retro Futura Tour

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Howard Jones 2014

Howard Jones 2014

Whoa, whoa, whoa!  Hey According2g.com readers!  I know it’s been a minute since we’ve seen each other.  I’ve been exploring other projects and I’ll be sharing the details of my latest book (or how I spent my summer break) very soon, so please stay tuned.  But let’s get back to the matter at hand which was the Retro Futura Tour, which made a stop in New York on August 21, 2014 at the Best Buy Theater.  We were treated to sets by 1980s music titans Katrina and the Waves, China Crisis and Midge Ure before Howard Jones (and Tom Bailey of Thompson Twins – more on Tom coming soon) took the stage.  Decked out in a fabulous orange suit, Howard played a bunch of his hits including “Everlasting Love,” “What Is Love?” “Like To Get To Know You Well,” “The Prisoner,” “New Song,” “Things Can Only Get Better” (and after he played the version we all know and love from the 80s, he played a dance version of it, which was thumpin!) as well as the video you are about to see “No One Is To Blame.” The set showed that Howard has so many other great songs that there was not time to play (read: come back soon Howard!) including “Look Mama,” “Life in One Day,” “You Know I Love You… Don’t You” and more recent songs such as “Tomorrow Is Now” and  “Let The People Have Their Say.”  If you get the chance to see the Retro Futura Tour, I recommend it as you’ll have many flashbacks to our beloved 80s and you’ll see how great these bands and their music have aged.

And now, the mega-hit “No One Is To Blame.”

Enjoy, dear readers!  I know I did!

Howard Jones and Geoffrey Dicker 2014.  Photo by Joe.

Howard Jones and Geoffrey Dicker 2014. Photo by Joe.

Thanks again, Howard!  Great seeing you again!

Review: Sam Smith Live at the Apollo + “Nirvana” Live

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Sam Smith

Sam Smith

I am so proud of Sam Smith!  In August of 2013, he was playing to 250 people at Mercury Lounge and less than one year later, he headlined the legendary Apollo Theater!  The very sold out show took place in Harlem on June 17, 2014.  The blue-eyed soul singer is 21 years old and in this important year of his life, he’s traveled around the world and back, had a few club hits by lending his voice to songs by dance duo Disclosure, was outed by the media after he matter-of-factly mentioned that the songs on his album were about a guy that didn’t love him back (how come the media doesn’t make straight people do this?), and of course on June 17, 2014 his debut album “In The Lonely Hour,” was released officially in the USA and will be battling with Lana Del Rey for the #1 spot this week.

During the show, Sam Smith thanked the crowd multiple times and mentioned how mind blowing it was to share the same stage that so many of his heroes (including Luther Vandross and Michael Jackson) have performed on.  He told the stories of the songs before they were played with his tight band (that featured 3 backing singers and a string section), and he played nearly every track from “In The Lonely Hour” whilst also throwing in “La La La,” a stripped down version of “Latch,” “Nirvana” from the EP with the same name (and below, you can see a video of it) and for the final song of the night “Stay With Me,” Sam Smith brought out Mary J. Blige to perform the song as a duet, which of course was the perfect cherry on top to a fantastic evening.  Apparently the show was being recorded, so let’s hope for a DVD or live album because the show was EXCELLENT!

Mary J Blige and Sam Smith

Mary J Blige and Sam Smith

I wish Sam Smith tremendous success and I have no doubt that he will be a name you won’t be forgetting.  And now… let Sam Smith take you to Nirvana!

The setlist was:

Intro / Nirvana / Together / Leave Your Lover / I’m Not the Only One / I Told You Now / Like I Can / Restart / Good Thing – Berlin / La La La / Lay Me Down / Money On My Mind


Latch / Make it To Me / Stay With Me (with Mary J. Blige).

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Video: “Alejandro” live by Lady Gaga at ArtRAVE

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HD Video and photo by G.



If Lady Gaga were to perform “Alejandro,” at Madison Square Garden as part of her ArtRAVE on May 13, 2014, I imagine it would look and sound exactly like this….

Don’t call my name… just click PLAY!

To see more photos, set list and review, CLICK HERE!  (link will open in a new window).

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