“Lost In Art” by Liu Bolin

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Photos of Liu Bolin’s photos by G.

"Lost in Art" by Liu Bolin. Now showing at Eli Klein in NYC through May 11, 2012

The “Invisible Man” is back!  Chinese artist Liu Bolin takes his art to another level by getting lost in it – literally!  His latest exhibit “Lost In Art,” finds Liu Bolin camouflaging himself in various locales across the world. In addition, there’s also an entire series of “hiding in New York” images on display at Eli Klein Fine Art in Manhattan.

Find the artist!

A few days before the opening of “Lost In Art,” Liu Bolin invited fans to come down to the gallery and watch him slip into the background of an upcoming work.  I took Liu up on his offer and he was extremely cool.  You can see a “pre-transformation” photo after the jump.

Lost in Art by Liu Bolin

I recommend you check out these great works of art in person.  “Lost In Art” by Liu Bolin is on display at Eli Klein Fine Art (located at 462 West Broadway) in Manhattan through May 11, 2012.

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