An Encounter with Jorge Garcia

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Photo taken with my hand.

Actor Jorge Garcia and G

What a great story!  I was in Hollywood after scoring a last minute ticket to Interpol’s very exclusive album launch show when I arrived at the venue.  Moments after I got in line to enter the show, Jorge Garcia who played Hurley on the legendary TV show “Lost,” was parked right next to where I was standing in the queue.  Never one to miss out on a celebrity encounter, I approached Jorge and as you can see above, he was super cool!  The night got even better as I met Paul Banks from Interpol and the band rocked my world with their set.  Los Angeles sure knows how to show this New York City boy a great time.  Thanks again Jorge!

The Latest in Subway Map Art

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Photos by G.  Art by J.

NY Shitty

For the non-New Yorkers, these images you are seeing are made on subway maps of Manhattan and then given a little extra flair before being affixed to lonely walls in the city.

Lost Exhibit at Vilcek Foundation

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Photos by G.

Get "Lost" at the Vilcek Foundation in New York from now until June 5, 2010.

Fans of the TV show Lost might be sad that the series has just ended, but for another 10 days, you can relive some of the highlights of the show in the form of props and memorabilia at the Vilcek Foundation in New York.  The exhibit runs from now until June 5, 2010 and is located at 167 East 73rd Street.  Admission is free and while supplies last, you can pick up a soon-to-be collectible free program that has interviews with a lot of the behind-the-scenes team from Lost.

After the jump see images of a few things you’ll see at the Lost exhibit.

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