“There’s A Riot Goin’ On” by Erik den Breejen at Freight + Volume

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Photos by G.  Art by Erik den Breejen.

Lou Reed by Erik Den Breejen

Lou Reed by Erik Den Breejen

I love Erik den Breejen’s work.  As you are about to see from the photos, his latest exhibit “There’s a Riot Goin’ On” at Freight + Volume in New York pays tribute to many 1970s icons but with den Breejen’s signature twist – text makes up most of the painting.

Let’s take a closer look…



As you can see, lyrics to “Walk on The Wild Side” make up most of the painting!  So cool!

Liza Minnelli by Erik Den Breejen

Liza Minnelli by Erik Den Breejen

Richard Pryor by Erik Den Breejen

Richard Pryor by Erik Den Breejen

You can see photos from Erik’s 2011 exhibit “Smile” here.

There’s a Riot Going On” by Erik den Breejen is on view at Freight + Volume (located at 530 West 24th Street) in New York through June 7, 2014.

Video: “Perfect Day” (Lou Reed Cover) live by Patti Smith

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HD Video by G.

Tissue alert.  When you press play and watch Patti Smith pay tribute to the dearly departed Lou Reed at Carnegie Hall as she performs his perfect song “Perfect Day,” it will likely bring a tear to your eye.  I know it did for me, and I was taking a video at the same moment.  But it was perfect, just the same.


Lou Reed & Velvet Underground Mural in Brooklyn

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Photo by G.

Lou Reed Mural

Lou Reed Mural

I saw this mural in Brooklyn recently.  These two ladies are fans of the late Lou Reed as the woman on the left is wearing a “Transformer” T-shirt (and on her fingers, the words “Wild Side” for “Walk on the Wild Side” are tattooed).  The lady on the right is a Velvet Underground fan and she is wearing the iconic Andy Warhol image that is also the cover of The VU’s first album with Nico.  If you know the artist of this cool mural, please let us know in the comments section.

RIP, Lou Reed

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Photo by G.

Lou Reed and Moby on stage in 2007

Lou Reed and Moby on stage in 2007

Horrible news in the music world.  Rock god Lou Reed has died at age 71.  I’m a huge Velvet Underground fan as well as also having loved Lou’s solo career, so I am not doing so well as I write this.  Lou opened the door for all musicians to come after him by being one of the first art rockers.  Songs like “Heroin” and “Walk on the Wild Side” took you on the trip without getting your hands dirty and songs like “Perfect Day” and “Sunday Morning” are amongst the prettiest tracks ever recorded.  I saw Lou Reed out and about in New York many times and for the two good experiences I had with him, I had probably 5 times as many bad ones.  But that was Lou Reed and I will miss seeing him.  I wish peace and blessings to his partner Laurie Anderson at this difficult time.  Happy trails, Lou.  Thanks for a lifetime of amazing music.  Rest in peace!

“Chuck Close” at Pace Gallery in NYC

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Photos by G.  Art by Chuck Close.

Chuck Close at Pace

Chuck Close by Chuck Close

New York!  You’re definitely going to need to pay a visit to the Pace Gallery to see new works by Chuck Close.   The exhibit features recent paintings, prints, and tapestries, many of his famous friends.

Lou Reed - Chuck Close

Lou Reed tapestry by Chuck Close

If you don’t know much about Chuck Close’s life, you should definitely investigate as his life and times are as interesting as his works of art.  To briefly summarize, a spinal artery collapse left him paralyzed and his style changed as a result.  His earlier works looking more like the above photo of Lou Reed and his more recent output is stylized like the below painting of Lou Reed’s wife and fellow musician, Laurie Anderson.  Oh, and did I mention that Chuck Close has face blindness?

Laurie Anderson - Chuck Close

Laurie Anderson by Chuck Close

This exhibit runs through December 22, 2012 so you should not miss it!

Cindy Sherman - Chuck Close

Cindy Sherman by Chuck Close

Pace Gallery is located at 534 West 25th Street in New York.

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