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Posted by The G on August 28, 2009 under Artsy Fartsy | 5 Comments to Read

All photos by G.

Thomas Shelford with his amazing art.

Thomas Shelford with his amazing art.

Tonight I witnessed a scene out of old New York. At artist Gilles Larrain’s studio in Soho, there was an infamous Art Party.  Gilles Larrain took the cover shot of Miles Davis’ albums “Aura” and “Decoy,” and once a month, he opens this legendary studio for an art party.  Throughout the evening, you’ll witness performances, performance art and they even have models posing while local artists are encouraged t0 make renderings (At one point, the artists had 20 minutes to draw and the results were outstanding!) The crowd is elegant and smart, but not pretentious.  You can mingle with New York’s elite without feeling like you are a misfit.  The party happens once a month and you can read more about it here.  Famous artists Thomas Shelford and Louda invite you to look over their shoulder while they create brilliance and are happy to explain their craft.  These parties cannot be missed. One of these days, you’ll be seeing me doing a reading from my book Sketches of Verbal Alchemy at this event!  Watch this space for more details. Enjoy some more pictures after the jump.

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