Army of One Combo Pack

Posted by The G on November 3, 2010 under Street Art | Comments are off for this article

Photos by G.

Beau, Army Of One

Nothing pleases me more than to see my favorite artists occupying the same spaces.  There are no territory wars, everyone gets along and all are allowed to display their wonderful art for the public to enjoy.  Sometimes the public is unaware of these free gifts and I have to roam the streets, risking life and limb to get these stellar photos and nudge you, my dear readers, into paying attention to the simplicities of life.  I’m happy to do so.

Enjoy a few more photos of Army of One peacefully coexisting with some other great artists.

Phil Lumbang, Army of One

Combo Pack!

This one is extra special as it has stickers from Army of One, Loveme, A.S.V.P., Bankrupt Slut and more!  Spot them all!

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